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This healthy drink will help to prolong youth

Этот полезный напиток поможет продлить молодостьA nutritionist told me about the beneficial properties of ginger tea.

Nutritionist Olga brown was told about the healing properties of ginger.

She shared the recipe for fragrant ginger tea that will improve your body tone and strengthen the immune system in the winter.

The expert identified seven useful properties of ginger: 1. Calms the nervous system. 2. Prevents aging. 3. Improves memory. 4. Strengthens the immune system. 5. Helps to improve the gastrointestinal tract. 6. Relieves nausea. 7. Improves potency in men.

Ginger is rich in amino acids, fiber, essential oils and healthy vitamins, A and C. the Nutritionist claims that it is often used for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

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Ginger is considered a low calorie product. “It contains 80ккал per 100 grams of product,” – says the expert.

However, the expert warned that ginger can be used not all, she told contraindications to its use. Ginger is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease, and inflammatory processes in the digestive system and bleeding.

“This plant enhances the action of medicines, increases the temperature and can cause an allergic reaction,” warned the expert. The nutritionist stressed that children can begin to use ginger only after 2 years.

Olga brown was also told to choose ginger. Its roots should not be wrinkled, old or moldy. The nutritionist argues that qualitative unpeeled ginger has a pleasant wood smell. Store this spice in a few weeks. According to experts, it is best to keep ginger root in the fridge in a paper bag or in foil to protect it from moisture. To make a delicious and healthy tea with ginger, the nutritionist advises to put in the pot the chopped ginger, a sprig of thyme, mint, a few slices of orange and pour boiling water over it all.

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“If you drink ginger tea 30 minutes before meals to decrease appetite. Accordingly, it will contribute to weight loss”, says the expert.

Besides tea, ginger is widely used in cooking spicy Oriental dishes, pastries, cordials, soft drinks and preserves beer.

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