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This healthy beverage will protect from colds and flu

Этот полезный напиток защитит от гриппа и простудыWe offer to your attention a wonderful recipe for autumn-winter drink!

Pear tea can be a great alternative of flavored teas from the supermarket.

And thanks to the beneficial properties of pear and sea buckthorn, a cold or infection will not dare to sneak up on you.

· 1 pear
· Sea buckthorn – glass
· Ginger – 1 slice
· Star anise – 2 stars
· Honey – 1 tablespoon
· Cinnamon

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Preparation: · Put half of the pears and bring to a puree in a blender. The rest of the pear and the ginger cut into pieces. Put in a French press or teapot pear-buckthorn puree, a pear, a sea-buckthorn, honey, star anise, cinnamon – fill with warm water. Better to pour the mixture with boiling water and only a little hot water. So nutrients will be more!

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Allow to steep and enjoy autumn with vitamins!

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