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This fruit is able to protect from lung cancer

Этот фрукт способен защитить от рака легкихScientists call the Mandarin – the most useful fruit, especially for smokers.

Lung cancer more susceptible to other smokers, so the researchers constantly conduct various researches, which are trying to figure out how to reduce this risk.

In one recent study, scientists have determined that the beneficial effects on the lungs has a substance called beta-cryptoxanthin. This substance in the literal sense of the word is able to block the growth of cancer cells and generally defend the human body from cancer.

In the lungs of smokers there are many carcinogenic receptors, contributing to the formation and reproduction of malignant cells. It turns out that beta-cryptoxanthin may allow the Smoking man to protect himself from the tumor in the lungs.

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Study on mice

The mice were divided into two groups and all of them were injected with nicotine a carcinogen via injection, but one group of rodents were given two injections with beta-cryptoxanthin. In the end, the researchers conducted a survey of all participants in the experiment and found that 52-63% of the mice decreased the risk of lung cancer or cancer cells simply ceased to grow rapidly, which itself involves stopping the development of cancer.

In what products contains miracle substance “beta-cryptoxanthin?

Most of these substance rich in fruits and vegetables bright colors: sweet peppers, citrus fruits, berries, papaya, greens, broccoli and others. But the most enriched fruit are mandarins.

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Scientists believe that only two Mandarin daily diet of smokers, both active and passive, able to protect them from lung cancer.

Include in the daily menu at least 1-2 Mandarin – this will allow you to almost 63% reduction in the risk of lung cancer especially if you smoke or constantly breathing cigarette smoke. As risk is reduced, not 100%, hope to help the tangerines still not worth it, better to quit Smoking and to remove myself from this risk.

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