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This food is considered the most harmful in the diet of modern man

Эта пища считается самой вредной в рационе современного человекаThem better permanently excluded from the diet.

Casual meals are a great danger to health and can cause many serious illnesses.

The most harmful food, as you know, trading in fast food, but if flatbread with toppings or a baked potato po-selyanski for lack of choice occasionally you can eat, from such dishes as fried wings, French fries, onion rings or squid expert advice to abandon once and for all. The reason for cooking food, because they are fried in deep fat and absorb huge amount of oil, and with it the carcinogens. Especially dangerous foods that are fried on the already used oil, and this, alas, sin most quick-service cafe, it is often to change the oil and not profitable, and for a long time.

No less dangerous and various mayonnaises, sauces and ketchups, which are products made use of. Plus they have a lot all sorts of harmful mayonnaise, sauces and ketchups (read above), which in turn is just Packed with flavor enhancers.

“All store-bought sauces and dressings to salads and second courses are crammed with various flavor enhancers, preservatives and other “stuff”. But it’s not so bad, much worse that when the industrial production is often used tras-isomers of fatty acids. They provoke the formation of malignant tumors, adversely affect the liver and kidneys, irritate the stomach and lead to diseases of the digestive tract” – warned the doctor.

One of the most dangerous products nutritionists believe chips. During the process of frying the potatoes produced gas acrylamide. Once in the human body, it can cause cancer. This substance is more dangerous, the more we receive.

Very dangerous in our daily menu are different kinds of fresh yeast. It professionals are discovering a huge amount of TRANS-fats, however, as in pastries and cakes. These products disrupt the digestive process and metabolism, provoke the development of diseases of internal organs, because to use such products doctors recommend as little as possible, ideally only on holidays and in small portions.

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