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This effective method can help to lose weight

Этот действенный способ может помочь похудеть It turns out, to lose weight very simple.

Good news on the eve of Halloween! Research conducted at the University of Westminster, confirmed that watching scary movies helps burn extra calories.

Of course, the result does not compare with exercise, for example, training on treadmill (20 minutes of Jogging can burn 220 to 299 calories), but “horror” has a larger effect than you think.

A study conducted in 2012, showed that watching a 90 minute horror movie can lead to the fact that the viewer spent an average of 113 calories.

Scientists have proposed a 10 study participants to watch 10 scary movies, while they monitored the heart rate, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide emission. In the selection of films included Jaws, the Shining, a Nightmare on elm street, the Exorcist and Blair Witch.

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As a result, the picture Lights were on top of the list as the movie that burned the most calories. The viewer who watched this movie burned 184 calories, while those who watched Jaws and the Exorcist, managed to get rid of 161 and 158 calories respectively.

As suggested by the study, watching scary movies – especially the creepy scenes in these films – can cause your heart rate reaches a peak, and then will cause an adrenaline surge.

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It should be recognized that the sample size is quite small, but every body burns calories at different speeds, so the results may not be the same for everyone.

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However, this is another reason to persuade friends with them to watch some scary movie on Halloween.

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