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This early ice season

This year the winter started early. For the fourth of November, I went on the ice meanders, poking cautiously at first successfully in a snow covered patch of coastal sedge, then, emboldened, in the middle of the oxbow. And ice spoke a loud Bang under my feet from running through the Bayou cracked, caved in under my feet and apparently impatiently waited, and when I step in there, where the dark grass, frozen into transparent ice glass.

And there’s the Icepick fell almost without a blow, only from its own weight. And walk there I did not want to, what apparently amused the Raven that was jumping in the frozen algae, mischievous and invitingly looking at me like, what are you, Goosey, here so well… Then these merry crows ripped up my backpack and just as much fun eating fat sandwiches, they sounded mischievous eye distance and obviously wondering when I get to them, it is so slow and clumsy.

And fed roaches…

First fishing from the ice then, on the Bayou, did not work. Apparently, the fish was also perplexed because of the early freeze-up. But the night rustled the rain on the roof, so boring, autumn. And thought that everything was back to normal, the ice will melt and will, as always: fishing-ice will begin in December. But after a couple of days I’ve caught perch from the ice of our city’s reservoir, since rain water for the next freezing night unexpectedly suddenly grabbed and became another layer of ice. And now the ice was already quite reliable, it is at the beginning of November…

On our city reservoir pike, there is one feature: on the first ice she willingly enough konicek on tees zherlits and, especially without understanding silver carp, even Rotanov. But after a while, the ice becomes thicker, closed the snow. And in the so-called “veropedia” pike starts to act up. Now give her only fearful when the roach.

Now pike must take on Okounkov. But still stuff early in the morning for a few holes round winter bait, where filler was porridge cooked according to the recipe Salamina. By the way, well written recipe. Porridge turns crumbly, and will shrink and feeder will go if it is to glue something, for example, oatmeal. But here, on the ice, “Salamanca” I have more for volume.

But while in zakormlen holes nothing was caught. And I have at least some bait fish to catch, the time is coming, is already coming to nine hour hand, and the imitation fish is not yet issued. Get a fishing rod with a baitless jig a little red with silver color and a black eye. But this asmatico still hooked small bloodworms. It is not the time to test the jig in bezmetallny. Not to fat besides for large roach I’ve cooked other besttelki: “hell” and “gvozdevskii”.

Yeah!.. Here is the first bite, and the ice was her horse prance perch-Gorbunok. Just on live bait. Then another took. And I caught a dozen perch zivcovic that modest city reservoir well. It’s time to put imitation fish. To start the ice season I have always been prepared, so to speak, the first line of attack on the pike ranks. It always started fishing on imitation fish. And always there are two or early season pike on pounds, and even at two-plus. This is the line on the distance from the shore no more than forty meters. Even measured steps. It seems, sixty-four steps fit in this distance. The depth of 6-7 meters. Everywhere was the same depth, no edge. Dredge dug the reservoir. And the edge was near the coast, where the imitation fish is not put. But suddenly accidentally discovered here Piglet in four meters depth. And next to nose – the difference in depths of from five to six meters. Although pike are regularly caught here on the line-path with equal depth, but to suffer such a classic spot with a strong brow. Put half a dozen zherlits. The remaining four of them pulled on their proven lines.

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And here are ten “cents,” snapped the plastic box imitation fish. Zherlitsa was not far from the place where I caught perch and was even heard the click of the check box. Plastic after all… no point in Running. Go slowly to the imitation fish and see how swinging from the reel jerks dropped from him the line. Accordingly, the box wobbles as it is on this original imitation fish one, that is, the upper part of the reel.

But here you can see that the jerks become stronger. It’s time!.. Going to tackle, choose carefully the line and feel the aftershocks. Strike! There!.. But in the hole the fish breaks off the hook, and I literally catch it on the drop down.

Hairgrass got smaller. Somehow this year here is held a trifle. This was confirmed by the neighbors-shchukarev, which, as it turned out, standing there with Gerlich since more or less reliable ice. I have to find somewhere in the Parking lot of a large predator. There are here major. Last year caught a little further than this two pikes, 3 and 5 kg. next time I will put there.

And to this day, that patch with a depth of 4-5 meters I have, like, ten times, ran to Gerlich, but only two pike caught, the same caliber as the first fish, not more than a kilogram of weight. Apparently, the Piglet was kindergarten. But the main thing checked, tested new imitation fish. Imitation fish of this type – first in my collection among proven zherlits with coils, factory or homemade. But these new Gerlich I made another test. They are looking to part with one click and reel with snap-in can be lowered under the ice that is very useful to me soon on catching burbot. River where to catch burbot, close to home. To sleep makes no sense at tackle. But to lower the hooks under the ice under the ice cover with a plastic stand and covered with snow – the most rational option. If in February-March burbot will take on the river is active, and the night will be on shore in a tent with a stove. Romantic… Let the flashing lights in town, two kilometers…

But today I was in for another surprise. When the day was over the second half, pike stopped taking and I started to go home, my attention was drawn to the movement of a nod. He suddenly raised himself up, and then began to swing smooth shocks. Approaching the hole, I hooked and pulled soon a good for the city of bream. Rod stood at one of the holes that were zakormlen based on the roaches there-zhivtsov. But here come the skimmers, which I fished until dark. So quite successfully ended one of my first trips in the early ice season.

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Spoiled perches

Today we’re going to Oak for a walleye. On a fishing trip I was not long ago. According to rumors, much of it has changed. If earlier perches and Berchem eagerly snapped the usual “naked” lures are made of Nickel silver and brass, but now, apparently, completely spoiled and without replanting pieces of sprat don’t want to look at the most expensive snag. In addition, advanced anglers-snobs, armed now with the whole electronics world and moved with the “pescaderia” on a snowmobile, totally messed up the gullible and easily inspires the fish, by driving its barbed head the habit of noticing only lure with a fluorescent coating. Before that, pike was more keen? After all once saw in the depths of a nondescript handmade from Nickel silver, soldered on top of the lead. Now he’s at five yards without points doesn’t notice the silver of the silver lures, even made in 3D, but without backlight and sprat on the hook. Spoiled fish…

Not to say that I’m not prepared for modern fishing. Was bought “Swedish pimples” that do, like pimples on the back seat, if you estimate the money given for them. Also admiraly, glowing like after a nuclear attack on their ship, took his seat in the box with the baits. And the “admirals” were even two kinds: domestic, somehow, with the eye near the tail, and Chinese, where the eye was in place. And the jig was purchased also glowing.

So we have disembarked and drag a scraper, like balancing over the black abyss, when we opened the pit. On the yellow sandy shallows from under the feet sprinkle helter-skelter striped “sailor”. And when I got to the starting line, where the depth was ten metres away, the abyss beneath their feet became blacker than black. Though the ice is solid, pretty reliable, about 6-9 cm, felt somehow uncomfortable from gaping under the feet of the Universe. And how strange it was to see going on a ship course of the barge, when ice covered at first glance, the entire Volga river from shore to shore. But the channel was still open, although the barge was obviously scraped the morning ledco because moving is barely noticeable.

On the site it became clear that the pike perch and bersh today “damn” all of my “admirals” and “zits.” Today spoiled “fish” was chosen delicacies in the form of a stabilizer Mebaru from Lucky John and fresh fish, sushi performed the same proverbial sprat. Whitebait and clung only to the lower tee. But I didn’t have these balancers, and I was bored while fellow fishing gave me the most Mebaru. However, it turned out that it perches and Berchem take if the balancer glued reflective strips. That’s what ruined the fish. Therefore, the allocated rent the balancer was not working at full strength. But, somehow, no fish left. As it turned out, in this day, everywhere the pike perch and bersh more fooling around than caught. And, obviously, the reason for this was clear as glass, ice and a bright Sunny day. Later, in the December fishing when the ice was already thick, and the snow piled up on it, leaving the perch become more effective. But that’s another story. Here and fairy tales end, and who listened to – a real fisherman…

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