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This drink is deadly for health

Этот алкогольный напиток смертельно опасен для здоровьяConsumption of beer causes the development of prostate cancer.

Regular consumption of frothy beverages significantly increases the risk of development of malignant tumors. In women increases the risk of breast cancer in men – cancer of the esophagus, liver, larynx, prostate.

Particularly pronounced scientists find the effect of beer on the development of prostate cancer. Men-beer lovers expose themselves to additional risk of cancer. According to reports, the regular consumption of beer by 20% increases the likelihood of prostate cancer. One Cup per day increases the likelihood of cancer of this localization by 23%. Note, even half circles in a week already affects the state of health, however, not so much.

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Scientists advised to give up alcohol for the men, noticing a overindulgence in alcoholic beverages. In an extreme case, you can try to replace beer with a glass of wine for dinner or lunch. They say that this drink is not as harmful to health.

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