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This drink improves brain function

Этот алкогольный напиток улучшает работу мозгаA glass of wine activates the brain better than mathematical problems.

American researchers have found that drinking a glass of wine helps to activate the brain much better than solving math problems and logic puzzles.

Wine triggers a specific reaction in the emotional and sensory parts of the brain. Clarifies that a glass of red or white wine allows you to make the brain work more effectively throughout the working day. To get the desired effect, not enough to taste the wine and spit it back, as do the sommelier. Much better to enjoy every drop of the drink.

Gordon shepherd Professor who wrote the book “Neuroscience: how the brain creates the taste of wine” claims that moderate wine consumption helps the person to get from the brain the maximum benefit, therefore, to renounce acquaintance with a drink is not worth it. The Professor, in his book describes in detail the idea that taste is an illusion created by how the brain combines emotions and feelings. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

To get a flavor, the brain processes emerged in the mouth smell of alcohol and the motion of the fluid. Molecules themselves no wine flavor have not. Because of the fact that the brain has to process a large volume of information and “practice” of drinking wine stimulates him better than the most complex mathematical problems.

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