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“This dirt has passed all bounds”: Liza Adamenko responded to criticism of her marriage

18-year-old model Liza Adamenko — the wife of the 55-year-old oligarch Valentina Ivanova became a star in Russia and Europe for their professional merits, and after the wedding with an aging millionaire. From the moment of engagement over the life of Lisa watching as a simple subscribers in the Network and stars. However, more and more people, including television presenter Ksenia Sobchak, have been critical of Lisa and her husband.

Negative reviews rather tired model, and she decided to speak out. Lisa has addressed to journalists with the request to leave her family alone. Adamenko said that they are husband and I constantly write lies.

“I have long wanted to write it, as the guys have already crossed all boundaries and values and most importantly any decency. We are a family — how can you say anything against the Husband and Wife, I’m married — I love, love me! I’m not 14, but my husband is not 55. How can you judge and write nasty dirt about us (family) wild nonsense and a lie,” wrote the model (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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Lisa offers to write about mistresses and kept women, not about married couples: “Many models — the mistress, the kept woman, escortsite, etc write you about them, about how they split the family, sleep with men for something and they models and a lot of them and they all say that they are cool and do everything yourself))Well, funny, low — write about these people, about lovers and mistresses, although people can hardly be called not happy about nothing to anyone who made a pairs in marriage!”

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Adamenko also said that it intends to take action regarding the slander about her family: “All this dirt has already crossed the border, we are mega tired of this shit and seriously decided to approach this group, the miserable, the poor beasts without their lives and self-esteem — now you will have to engage law enforcement in a criminal case for libel”.

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