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This diet will help you lose weight and normalize blood pressure

Эта диета поможет похудеть и нормализовать давлениеSalt-free diet will help to lose 10 kg in two weeks.

Already on the verge of spring and many are thinking about how to lose recruited for a long time. Options that will help you lose weight, quite a lot, but many of them can only cause harm to the body.

A healthy lifestyle is cultivated in recent years in many countries, and women tend to generally accepted standards of 90-60-90. However not everyone wants to exert power and to actively engage in sports, to balance your diet.

As a rule, the question of losing weight arises before us on the eve of the spring-summer season. Nutritionists after a series of studies found that to lose weight quickly and without harm to health using a salt-free diet. Convenience salt-free diet is that there is a list of rules, but limitations in food are almost there.

Komi this, it is often prescribed to hypertensive patients, pregnant women, people suffering from obesity and kidney disease, cirrhosis of the liver, but this diet should only assign a specialist. Recall that table salt we eat in food – this substance is sodium chloride, which is required by the body for normal functioning. It is included in virtually all tissues, the extracellular and intracellular fluids and is also involved in maintaining acid-base balance is the main component of water-salt metabolism.

It is proved that for the normal life enough only 7 grams of this product in the diet, but people take much more, which leads to problems. If we talk about losing weight, excess salt leads to excessive production of gastric juices, and it is directly connected with a constant feeling of hunger.

The basic principles of this diet is: cooking without salt, add it only in the finished dish and in very small amounts; food should be a fraction – 5-6 times a day; for cooking to completely eliminate fried foods; oil. Desired only vegetable that can be added to the finished product.

Experts believe that adhering to such simple rules and reinforcing their basic physical activities – walking, Cycling, housework, just two weeks to get rid of the hated 10 pounds overweight. It is possible to significantly reduce the burden on the kidneys, liver, heart that will positively affect quality of life.

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