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This diet significantly reduces the risk of obesity

Эта диета существенно уменьшает риск ожиренияDiet Mediterranean style can reduce the risk of obesity by almost half.

To such conclusion came the Spanish nutritionists from the University of Navarra.

A study involving 16,000 people showed that rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods and olive oil diet reduces the likelihood of dangerous excess weight by 43%. Adherence to the Mediterranean diet has long been associated with many health benefits. But until recently it was not clear whether this diet to prevent the gain of excess weight. To answer this question the Spanish scientists observed a group of people for 10 years.

It turned out that the higher was the proportion of vegetables, fruits and legumes in the diet of these people, the lower was the risk of obesity compared with those who leaned on meat and other animal fats. The study participants had the lowest risk of obesity, does not exclude meat from your diet completely, they only used it in very moderate quantities, paying more attention to the fish. At the beginning of the study, all participants filled out questionnaires about their diet, and in the course of the observation period they also filled out these questionnaires so the researchers could assess changes in their diets.

At the expiration of the ten-year period, obesity was diagnosed in 584 volunteers. The researchers found that 20% of people who consumed the greatest proportion of plant foods in your diet, less risk to deal with obesity. It proves once again that the Mediterranean diet substantially affects many aspects of human health, and therefore it can be recommended to the General population.

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