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This diet is created specifically for men

Эта диета создана специально для мужчинNutritionists gave me a few pointers about how to lose weight men with a special diet.

Men, like women, also suffer from excess weight. The main drawback of the figure of the male half of society – the so-called “beer” belly. He appears as a sudden and can grow to such proportions that at first glance seems like a man in an interesting position, although in nature this can not be.

For effective weight loss and eliminate the ‘beer belly’ men should go on a diet, and also to limit or completely abandon certain foods that contribute to weight gain.

Basic diet rules for men:

1. Alcohol. If you already drink alcoholic beverages to choose from such as: vodka, red wine, cognac. Per day doctors are allowed to drink no more than 30-50 ml of alcohol forty degrees, and the wine can be consumed in a day 100-150 ml of Course, while a man sits on a diet, it is generally better to give up alcohol, because this category of drinks stimulates the appetite and it has all the chances to drink more than is necessary, and even to overeat.

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2. Sauces. Mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces contain a lot of calories, and preservatives that are not good health and figure including.

3. Fried and smoked products. All men love meat and only some of them vegetarian, which for them is not a way of eating, and lifestyle. Of course, grilled and smoked meat is a favorite dish of men, but they will have to give. Nutritionists are allowed only boiled or baked meat low-fat varieties.

The Breakfast options for weight loss men:

– 1-2 boiled eggs and black bread, tea or coffee;

– natural yoghurt 200 ml, a slice of bread with bran and a teaspoon of honey;

– oatmeal with apples and almonds.

What can be the menu for brunch:

– any fruit;

– berry smoothie with yogurt;

– a sandwich with lettuce and boiled chicken.

Meals should be more satisfying:

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– 150 grams grilled or oven fish, jacket potatoes 2 pieces, 50 grams of green peas, 2 slices whole-wheat bread and a Cup of yogurt;

– 100 grams of roasted or boiled beef liver, tomatoes, parsley and bell peppers with soy sauce and lemon juice, which salt cannot and add the vegetable oil is not required.

– 150 gr chicken cutlets, steamed buckwheat porridge, salad of boiled beets and carrots with olive oil and garlic.

In the afternoon a man is allowed to eat:

– 150 g of cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream and honey;

– fruit salad with honey;

– toast of bran bread with butter and two slices of cheese.

To dinner the man on a diet should be 2 hours before bedtime and choose the following options:

150 gr of boiled fish with vegetable salad;

150 gr roasted Turkey breast with vegetables;

– stew of vegetables with chicken cooked in a nonstick pan with minimal oil.

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