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This delicious Italy: what and how to eat to stay healthy

Эта вкусная Италия: что и как есть, чтоб оставаться здоровымHave You ever been to Italy or just dream of travel, whether You are in love with its culture or just get started – start with the kitchen!

To introduce this will become the sun and food lovers without their favorite dishes, loud feasts and ruby wine is simply impossible. To get acquainted with the cuisine of this country need selecting only quality and genuine products from Italy. Online shop “Napoli” offers a wide range of products for the preparation of traditional dishes. And, to culinary acquaintance was nice and original, you shouldn’t just eat what the Italians, but LIKE the ITALIANS!

Эта вкусная Италия: что и как есть, чтоб оставаться здоровым

Cheese, Some Parmigiano Reggiano

Many of us have heard his second name – Parmesan. If you ask an Italian where to buy Parmesan, he simply will not understand Your question. And it’s not that Italians don’t eat this cheese, just the name it came up with the French when they began to try to imitate the Royal cheese. So, rule # 1 – the Italian king of cheese is only some Parmigiano Reggiano, everything else is illegal knockoff and imitation. If the Italian restaurant offer some Parmigiano Reggiano in the composition of a cheese plate to try, of course, necessary. Just so you know, Italian will never eat that cheese just. Some Parmigiano Reggiano is an ingredient of the lion’s share of dishes of Italy. Rule # 2: in pizza, pasta, soups, sauces and added grated some Parmigiano. In many Italian pizzerias and trattorias on the tables next to the salt and pepper is a bowl of grated cheese. Visitors add it as a spice in almost all dishes. Some Parmigiano Reggiano is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and protein.

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Olive oil

The most common and useful component of the Mediterranean diet. Beauty and health the Italians is largely due to the natural olive oil cold pressed. Does olive oil for heat treatment of products? The Italians answer: Yes. You need to consider the temperature and the method of extraction of the oil. Rule # 1: for salads, grilling vegetables or eggs suitable olive oil extra virgin (cold pressed), temperature of combustion is above 180 ºC. It follows rule # 2 – for frying meat, fish suitable refined olive oil. Of vitamins in it, of course, less, but the risk of consuming toxins that appear when burning oil below. The temperature of the combustion of refined olive oil – above 240 ºC.


Italian meat delicacy, made from selected pork with the addition of salt. The product resembles ham, but is it as familiar to us the sandwich would be a gross mistake. Rule # 1 – if Carbonara, only with prosciutto! The secret of the most popular Italian pasta in the addition of Parma ham and some Parmigiano Reggiano. Rule # 2: the Italians prosciutto served with fried pork. Cured pork, in their opinion, could not be better revealed in tandem with roasted. Option for lovers of exotic – the slices of prosciutto on slices of melon.

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Italians drink coffee in the morning, afternoon and evening. For each time of day has its own drink. For example, in the morning should give preference to the milk latte, macchiato or cappuccino, and for times after noon will suit espresso. Rule # 1 – coffee with cream or milk – drink first half of the day, Italians believe that dairy products are bad for the digestion. Rule # 2 – real coffee that was roasted, ground and packaged in Italy. The most popular brand in this country for several decades as Lavazza. So the drink was different every day, you can add in coffee, cinnamon, chocolate or something stronger  is approaching the holidays and the choice of alcohol will not keep you waiting!

A good cooking and Bon appetit!

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