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This delicious berry is particularly useful for vision

Эта вкусная ягода особенно полезна для зрения7 good reasons to eat more strawberries.

The shelves are a riot of juicy, red, delicious strawberries: favorite spring berry is becoming more affordable and tastier. Why must she eat a lot? Because she is a fount of useful substances and microelements.

Strawberry is one of the healthiest berries on earth.

Before her season, you can enjoy this fruit without restrictions. And here’s why.

Strawberry is a rich source of vitamins b and C. the First is responsible for a good mood, high activity and cheerfulness. The second increase immunity, and therefore no disease the whole summer.

Low calorie
It’s the perfect berry dyal those who are dieting. It is sweet and juicy, but it contains less than 50 calories per 100 grams.

And strawberries rich in fiber, which speeds up metabolism.

Protect eyesight
Flavonoids and phenolic compounds present in strawberries are an excellent prevention of visual impairment and treatment with small violations. For lechebnym properties for eyes this berry can even compete with the carrots.

Improves brain function
Thanks to the b vitamins, fiber, and invigorating minerals, strawberry moretalent coffee.

It activates the brain activity, relieves fatigue and gives strength to study and work.

Lowers blood sugar
Strawberries can lower blood sugar, and therefore is an ideal product for the prevention of diabetes and for diabetics. that monitor blood sugar levels.

Improves the functioning of liver and kidneys
This berry allows the liver soon cleared and refreshed, it also has a positive effect on the kidneys and is even able to deal with kidney stone disease in the early stages.

Cancer prevention
Due to the high content of antioxidants, strawberries rids the body of dangerous carcinogenic free radicals, which is an excellent prevention of cancer.

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