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This delicious berry is particularly useful for stomach health

Эта вкусная ягода особенно полезна для здоровья желудкаNamed the beneficial properties of black currant.

Everyone knows black currants, but not everyone loves her because she’s a little sour. Currants are very useful and contains many useful vitamins. Due to its healing properties, this berry is often used in folk medicine for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Besides a large number of vitamin C, black currants contain vitamins B1, PP, carotene, potassium, iron, citric, malic, and other organic acids, pectin, tannin, sugar. Thanks to this combination of black currant to treat stomach ulcer, gastritis with low acidity, atherosclerosis, various diseases of the kidneys, metabolic disorders, and anemia.

It is important to know that black currant berries strengthen the immune system. Black currant jam, make juice, compotes. In winter, home-made black currant will save you from beriberi, colds and relieve fatigue.

Black currant is the best remedy for aging, as continuously being in good shape and good spirits you age much slower.

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