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This delicious berry is particularly useful for eye health

Эта вкусная ягода особенно полезна для здоровья глазUse strawberries for beauty and health.

The stores are already getting one of the most desirable and delicious berries – strawberries. Rather find out what is the benefit of strawberry for your beauty and health to meet the summer head-on!

Strawberries are a wonderful spring and summer treat that will become a reliable defender of the beauty of your hair, face and body.

Moreover, strawberries contain quite a few calories, and so is a perfect dessert if you’re trying to lose weight for beach season.

Let’s start with the fact that strawberries are very useful for beauty of skin – it makes it more elastic and prevents premature aging. With salicylic acid in the composition, the strawberry is an excellent remedy for acne and problems with pigmentation. With the help of masks and scrubs from strawberries it is possible to achieve lightening of the skin, its smoothing and softening, exfoliating dead cells.

Strawberries are also easy to cope with swelling under the eyes – put slices of strawberries on the skin and relax for 10 minutes. Then umlani skin light cream. After this procedure the skin will look fresh, and the swelling will be less.

If you have dry or damaged hair, make a mask of strawberries. The remedy is to moisturize the hair and make them shiny, will gradually restore hair after using hair dryers and irons.

In addition to outdoor use a must have strawberry – cook her desserts, smoothies and fruit salads. This berry will enrich the body With vitamin C – one serving contains the daily norm! Vitamin C will strengthen the immune system and protects against external infections. Strawberry also contains in its composition of antioxidants, which strengthen the retina and cornea of the eye and prevent cataracts. Berries are also rich in fiber and pectin which improve digestion and fight cholesterol.

And if you’ve been dreaming of a Hollywood smile – strawberry to help you. It contains an enzyme malic acid, which helps to whiten teeth and make the smile more attractive.

The benefits of strawberries for health and beauty are undeniable, it remains only to try its effect on himself!

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