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This country has lost! (part 2)

Такую страну потеряли! (часть 2)

So, I continue the theme of “How the country is lost!”.

If someone seems that this is a figment of my imagination or something I pulled over the ears, actually I have softened this hellish rubbing. In the end you will find screenshots of articles which composed this digest.


In the US the bourgeois company Texas Instruments, devoured by greed, began selling the world’s first transistor radio, worth $ 49.95.

In that time, the entire Soviet people, inspired by the ideas ΧΙΧ party Congress, Stalin and Lenin, in a single work a fit out on the struggle to improve the quality of products…

Last time we talked about the struggle for radio Soviet collective farms. Today let’s talk about the fight for quality produced in the USSR receivers.

No, not a transistor. On the transistors the audience in the Soviet Union in 1954, the year still have not heard anything. Only two years later, in 1956, in the Council of Ministers sostoitsa meeting of chief designers of industrial vedast, which will make the recommendation to transfer development of transistors in the Ministry of social security, because “the Transistor will never enter into a serious instrument. The use of transistors may be, except that hearing AIDS”.

Therefore, all radios in the USSR was produced in 1954 on the lamps. But they were very high quality. Such high quality that all the manufacturing plants were given for their tube receivers a guarantee of six months. And even had a warranty repair receivers in all major cities, in Moscow and in Leningrad. And in the capitals of the Union Republics. Not all of course, but in the main it was!

So the factories guarantee the work of receivers. But not lamps, which in these receivers stood. Because how can you guarantee a job what they don’t produce.

But it does not matter, because the Soviet radio tube producing industry worked stably, without failures and also guaranteed the work of their lamps. Of course, not everywhere, but only at the plant. Because, when the lamp left the factory, how can I check who and what they did to her. It is clear that in such conditions nothing can be guaranteed.

But it does not matter, because even outside of the factories of the Soviet radio tube worked well and not broke. If they put in a receiver and leave the receiver alone. But if the receiver alone, not to leave, and send by rail to the stores, then of course broken. But this is not the fault of the factory, because the lamp is fragile devices and is designed to work, not in order to be carried by rail and was shaking.

Therefore, when the receivers run to the store, they were no longer working. I mean, not always, of course. Sometimes it happened that you could buy the receiver, bring it home and he immediately started to work. Factory specialists scrutinize such cases, they may be able to find the reason why this happens. And then all receivers will work immediately after purchase. But while it should not count.

But it does not matter. Because there is a six-month limited factory warranty and warranty in kupnik cities. So if you are in a period of six months from the date of purchase will result in your non-working receiver in Moscow or Leningrad, you from it the faulty bulb out and stick instead to healthy. Only you have these new serviceable lamp to bring, because the plant gives a guarantee only on the work of the receiver, and the operation of lamps does not give guarantees.

But it does not matter, because the Soviet radio tube producing industry beating plan, and the excess supplies plants with all necessary lamps. Unfortunately, plants are unable to send replacement bulbs buyers, because they too are exceeding plan and produce so many receivers that they themselves bulbs is not enough. So even sometimes the plan due to lack of lamps can not perform.

But it does not matter. Because the residents of Moscow and Leningrad, and also capitals can easily buy the right lamps in stores. However, they do not always go there, but if you set a goal and every day to go to the store, sooner or later the lamp will buy. Not all, of course, but only one that is not scarce. And since receivers are mostly used scarce lamp, the Radio magazine regularly published schema alterations receivers from one bulb to the other.

But it does not matter, because the party and the government care about the needs of workers organized an office of Mail-order. And now any resident of the most remote village can easily order a spare lamp via Mail-order. Not always, of course, but when they are in the Mail-order available. Not one lamp, and the set of all bulbs for your brand of receiver. Because the Mail does not sell the lamps one and sells the kits. And does not accept orders for less than 50 rubles. Because if he will sell them one at a time or to take orders for a lesser amount, he will not be able to fulfill the plan of the shaft, and this would disrupt the plans of the party and the people for the early completion of five years.

But unfortunately, since the main task of Soviet mail is the delivery of the newspaper “Pravda” citizens of the USSR, the parcel with the lamps are not the main type of its activity. Therefore, the forwarding set of bulbs in the mail is worth more than the lamp.




Here in the office received a letter from comrade Ivanov, who complains that he bought for 410 rubles a receiver that is not working and now the warranty repair of this receiver will stand him in 1000. Comrade Ivanov – conscious Soviet man, as befits a Soviet man, he did not scold, do not criticize anything, and even begins his letter with the reservation that it in no case do not blame the manufacturer. It confuses only one moment, he is forced to make the state “subscription fee” for the right to use a radio that is not working is not his fault. Comrade Ivanov timidly questioned whether it is right.

The editors are inclined to agree with comrade Ivanov, what to pay a monthly fee for not working through no fault of his receiver is probably not correct. But the law is the law. But, it would be really nice is to have the stores tested the performance of the receivers before the sale. But, unfortunately, it’s impossible. Because, first, the Soviet obligation of sellers not included the inspection of the goods before the sale, and second, the sellers don’t know how to do it, because they are not specialists in radio engineering, and thirdly, and most importantly, how can I check if a store is not connected to electricity.

However, despite the impressive fulfillment of the plan of Soviet industry and constant growth of quality of its products, there are small local defects.

So, for example, residents of Moscow and Leningrad despite the fact that we have the opportunity to buy some tubes and take them in warranty in their cities, still can’t fix the receivers. Because little to change the lamp, it is also necessary after replacement re-configure the receiver.

Now, if all of the same bulb have the same parameters, of course, nothing to configure, but as Soviet industry beating plan and produces a lot of lamps, they all have too much variation characteristics. Therefore, after lamp replacement, the receiver must be reconfigured. And repair shops do not do. Because their task is to repair, not to configure. They “repair” and not “nastraivanie”. They have equipment for setting no. And specialists either.

And if you just change the tube and do not configure, the receiver will work either very poorly or very well, but not for long. Because the lamp operating in the emergency mode, will not last long.

The editors received a letter from comrade Sidorova from Leningrad, who complains that after the repair of the receiver changes the bulb 5-6 times a month. And not only comrade Sidorov it complains, the editorial gets a lot of emails with similar complaints.

This case illustrates the welfare of the Soviet people and how they quickly get used to good. Here comrade Ivanov there are no opportunities to change the faulty lamp, and comrade Sidorov has the ability to change them every week, and still unhappy with this!

It is appropriate to recall how favorably the planned economy of the Soviet Union from the world economy of lucre. For example, in USA the same company Texas Instruments was able to sell only 100,000 of those receivers with transistors, although planned much more. And why? But because in the U.S. first, there is no Gosplan, and the company planned itself, and secondly in the world of lucre rampant competition. New transistor radio was forced to compete with cheap old tube receivers series ΑΑ5 that you could buy in the US at any kiosk for only $ 15 and repaired in any garage in 5 minutes. About the garage – it’s not hyperbole. Receivers ΑΑ5 was so broad and simple that spare parts really sold at gas stations and mechanics in the garages, the polls did their fix, the benefit booklet with step by step instructions on this matter were scattered on every corner…


Такую страну потеряли! (часть 2)


Такую страну потеряли! (часть 2)


Такую страну потеряли! (часть 2)


Такую страну потеряли! (часть 2)


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