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This autumn the fruit will help to lose 8 kg in two weeks

Этот осенний плод поможет похудеть на 8 кг за две неделиNutritionists suggested how to lose weight on pumpkin dishes.

No wonder the pumpkin is called the “Queen” autumn, because it contains the maximum amount of nutrients that help build virtually all processes within the body. But most importantly – on the pumpkin, you can quickly lose weight.

Nutritionists recommend to pay attention to a two-week pumpkin diet that to lose 8 kg excess weight and also rid your body of toxins, toxins, excess fluid and fat accumulation.

The basic rules of pumpkin diet:

– the main ingredient of each dish must be a pumpkin;

– eat at least 5 times a day, but dinner is to be held for a couple of hours before bedtime;

– drink per day 2 to 3 liters of water;

– minimize or completely eliminate from the diet salt, sugar, alcohol, aerated drinks, packaged juices, and all products, having in its composition of TRANS-fats, preservatives, flavor enhancers;

– daily pay 15-30 minutes exercise or walk for 5 km;

– only eat whole grain bread instead of wheat or rye;

– if drinking tea, it is green, because it will help the pumpkin to clear the gastrointestinal tract.

What can be cooked in the pumpkin diet?

Actually, if you include imagination, it is possible to lose weight and eat delicious and nutritious pumpkin dishes: pancakes, muffins, baked apples with pumpkin and walnut soup, pumpkin, rice, oatmeal, corn porridge with pumpkin soup pumpkin meatballs, homemade yoghurt or cottage cheese with pumpkin, smoothie, salad with pineapple or carrot – pumpkin equally well with these products. As you can see, two weeks of diet you will be able to experiment in the kitchen and at the same time not to feel hunger, and weight will decline.

By the way, because the pumpkin has a bright orange color – your mood will be always good, which is very important when you’re on a diet, because this will prevent breakdowns and you will be able to reach the end.

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