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This aromatic plant increase immunity and improve memory

Это ароматное растение повысит иммунитет и улучшит памятьMost often this plant is used in cooking.

We are talking about rosemary, which has many beneficial for the human body and its health properties. This plant is used in cooking as a spice with a unique taste and pleasant “pine” smell.

More than the rest with rosemary combine fish and meat, but often Housewives add it to the vegetable and mushroom dishes, and also in the dough.

It turns out that rosemary is very good for health, but not everyone knows about it, so don’t use it in cooking or add to various dishes quite slowly.

What is so useful rosemary?

Improves digestion

As rosemary has anti-inflammatory properties, it is possible to prevent the aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is also known that rosemary promotes the secretion of gastric juice which helps to digest food, so they suggest to add to the meat.

Strengthens the immune system

Due to the antiviral properties and the essential oil of rosemary’s immune system is not overloaded and does all the necessary work, protecting the body from viruses, bacteria and infections.

Cleans the air

Rosemary contains volatile substances that can eliminate about 80% of harmful bacteria and microorganisms floating in the air. It turns out that the best freshener for the apartment and office is sprigs of rosemary. Scientists have proved that Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, yeasts and streptococci.

Increases the potency

In this case, the rosemary acts as a tonic, used in treatment of impotence and for the prevention of this disease.

Positively affects the brain

Rosemary is used in pharmacology to create drugs that improve memory and eyesight. This plant is added to food for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or senile dementia, as well as those who in the future wants to deal with such diseases. The infusion of rosemary is used to improve cerebral blood circulation, which in consequence have a positive impact on the functionality of the brain.


Many do not know about the amazing property of rosemary – pain. Eating rosemary, you can get rid of pain in the heart and the head and also in the abdomen when gastric colic and recurrent pain in women.

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