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This Apple diet for a week to lose seven kilo

Благодаря этой яблочной диете, можно за неделю сбросить семь килограммNutritionists suggested how to lose weight with apples.

All variations of Apple diets are perfect for those people who want to get quick results and get rid of several pounds 5-7 days. Nutritionists believe that it is best to arrange fasting days on apples 1-2 times a week than to torment himself with the monotonous consumption of apples in the diet. Moreover, for weight loss and use you must select sour apples, because sweet contains a lot of glucose and fructose slowing the process of cleansing the body.

The first and most efficient option for Apple diet monodiet

Its meaning is that in seven days the man could get rid of 7 to 10 extra pounds. However, in addition to apples there’s nothing I can eat except to drink plain mineral water without gas in the amount of 2-3 liters. Menu Apple diet as follows:

1 day. A kilo of apples.

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Day 2. Half a kilogram of apples.

Day 3. Two kilos of apples.

4. day. Menu of the third day.

Day 5. Menu of the second day.

Day 6. Eat like 5 a day.

Day 7. Allowed to eat 1 kg of apples.

Agree, such a diet is unlikely someone will be a force. To withstand it, only those who very much wants in the shortest time to lose at least 7 kg and a perfect look to any upcoming event. This diet is good for those who want to lose weight but don’t know where to start. It can be called an “elementary step” in weight loss, especially if a person had more than 20 kg of excess. She will support the motivation and will prove to dieters that if you want it can lose weight and gain health with each thrown kilogram.

Fasting day on apples: weight loss of 0.5 to 1.5 kg per day

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To quickly clean your body and become a little easier, you need the whole day to eat only apples and water. You can even connect fat-free yogurt, then the result will be more noticeable.

Combined Apple diet

Nutritionists also advise you to try a mixed diet with apples headed. It lies in the fact that for over two weeks need to eat every day, some single product and, of course, apples. For example, on Monday you whole day should eat rice porridge with apples. Meals should not be less than 5. So hungry you will not remain, but the weight will gradually go away. On a combined diet you can lose weight by 3-5 kg in a week, maybe more. In addition to rice porridge usually used: carrots, cheese, beets and other healthy foods.

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