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Thirty thousand and no cheating: in Ukraine, a thriving new fraud

Тридцать тысяч и никакого обмана: в Украине процветает новое мошенничествоGaining popularity fraudulent “polls” on the phone and outlandish overlays on ATMs.

Ukrainians massively steal money from the cards. According to the system “Exchange-Online” exchange of information on fraud cases involving payment instruments, in 2016, 63% of all cases of theft had on the Internet fraud.

Another 24% of the thefts were committed at ATMs, 9% — through the Internet-banking and 4% through POS-terminals (acquiring network). This was reported in the Ukrainian interbank Association of members of payment systems EMA, writes

“The trend formed over the last two years. The crooks focused their attention on the holders of payment cards”, — said the Deputy Director EMA Olesya Danilchenko.
Trust but verify

Often passwords and personal data cards lure the Ukrainians or through a specially crafted websites (phishing) or through personal communication fraud with the victim by phone (vishing).

In the first case, use the website for transferring money from card to card, recharge mobile phone accounts, etc. As noted in the EMA, the first such site in the results list of search request is a phishing Scam with a probability of 98%. During the year the number of such resources have increased 4.5 times from 38 in 2015 to 174 last year. For one or two days, such a website might compromise 800-2500 cards.

Employee of the Department of combating crimes in the field of e-Commerce of postal and telecommunications Sergey Berezyuk advises before you can use this site to check the information about it is to examine the user reviews, blacklist EMA, forums where victims share information about fraudulent sites.

“If the Ukrainian service was not on the domain .ua, you should immediately look for another. The fact that the fraudsters not profitable to use the domain. Registration only takes 1.5 years, but still need to have the trademark,” added EMA Academy Manager Raisa Fedorovskaya.

In the second case (vishing) the card holder calling on the phone and under the guise of a security officer of a Bank or a call center need to call all the data from the card (expiration date, security codes, etc.). Either with the help of SMS-messages about winnings in a nonexistent lottery forcing the cardholder to call the scammers.

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“This is the easiest way to get information. But sometimes scammers try to find out more personal information needed for identification passes to the Bank’s call center. If this fails, then they raise the withdrawal limit of cash and get much more money than conventional vishing”, – says Olesya Danilchenko.

Sergey Berezyuk said that social engineering techniques (special techniques of communication) are forced to disclose personal information or paying money to the fraudsters for some services. For example, for paying a tow truck (or repair stations) for winning car that broke down on the way to its happy owner. “Only when people paid 30 thousand UAH, he ceased to believe in the fairy tale,” — said ciberpolitica.

According to the survey of cardholders, carried out with the help of the Agency Gemius Ukraine, 77% of Ukrainians know that it is impossible to give the card details, except for her number, but 76% still disclose these details in a stressful situation.

According to police, all information about new fraud schemes are published on the website of the cyber police.
False purchase

There is also a growing number of cases in postal and telecommunications in connection with fake online stores. Potential victims are lured big discounts on expensive goods, and then require pre-payment.

“The crooks are paying for contextual advertising and raise the website in the top ranking of the search. Arrange fake positive reviews and most people think that these two factors are a sufficient guarantee of security,” says Sergey Berezyuk.

He advises not to trust a positive review on the site and check it according to other sources, as has been described above.

Rob no banks, and citizens

Now fraudsters are increasingly directing their actions not only against banks, but against citizens. For example, in 2014 the number of cases of skimming (stealing data from magnetic stripe card by means of special reading devices) is reduced. In the past year revealed only 71 device, and in 2014 — 215.

It is likely the money is debited from the account by the manufacture of the duplicate of the card is reduced or at least not growing.

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According to Olesya Danilchenko, this trend is observed worldwide. However, this does not mean that the scammers stopped to improve its technology. In December last year, Ukraine found the skimming device of new generation, the so-called “deep insert”. It is invisible from the outside, as normal pads on the reader, and the threat. Because the appearance of such ATM corresponds to the picture which is usually placed on the screen.

Therefore, experts advise to always cover the keypad (hand or purse) when you set a PIN. Then the scammers will not be able to use the information even if they manage to steal card data. The same experts suggest to do when you enter code using POS-terminals.

But now is actively developing new type of fraudulent action against citizens — cache tripping or in other words, the blocking of getting money from the hole for cash. In this case, the Bank formally has no complaints — he was charged at the customer’s request. But a special panel established by the fraud, not allowed to pick them up.

According to the Director, EMA, Alexander Karpov, this type of fraud in recent years has increased several times. “Buying at the supermarket building steel nut for 100 UAH, scammers can get a few thousand hryvnia for several times (depending on installed equipment)”, — he told.

This method allows them to earn a little, but often. Banks are trying to protect ATMs by installing around the hole for cash special protrusions that interfere with the supply overlay. But, according to Olesya Danilchenko, the fraudsters they are cut with a grinder.

Therefore, if the machine counted out the money, the experts recommend not to deviate from it, and to check the hole for the issuance of money on the presence of linings.

“As soon as all 32 million cardholders will know how it works, this type of fraud immediately “die”, — said Karpov.

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