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“Thirst” Victor Glebov appeared on the market

Book series horror-detective about detective Insarova can be considered officially open.

The publishing house “Eksmo” has attracted literary project Victor Glebov, following the adventures of investigator for the criminal investigation of St. Petersburg of Peter D. Insarov, and now this character is moving from web pages on bookstore shelves. Specifically for the case highlighted a series of”Sir Black Magic. Mystical detectives”and the first volume is already available.

Right now the novel “Thirst” can be ordered at the official Internet store of the publishing house. Price: three hundred rubles.


That summer in St. Petersburg was incredible heat. People were hiding from the heat in their homes, but this was of little help. The drought destroyed the crops, and the town slowly sank into the chaos of famine and epidemics.
At this time came the news about the murders in maple grove. Local shepherds found the mutilated body of a woman. Immediately following this surfaced the two bodies, and one more… the Metropolitan detective Peter Dmitrievich Insarov sent to maple Grove to investigate the mysterious murders.
After examining the victim, the detective noticed that the victims were drained of blood, like the blood was carefully drained or sucked through terrible wounds. But otherwise made Insarov cold terror: one of those killed was a young red – haired woman was like two drops of water similar to a Polish Princess Marina Christ, depicted in ancient paintings in one of the local pubs. According to legend, the Marina was poisoned by his own mother almost two years ago…

In addition, the already announced second volume of the series, which will include the story Glebova (and one story). A third book, if all goes well, will megaverse collection, because of the detective Insarova wrote and other people. In General, the project lives and develops. We will wait for more details.

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