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Thinner Ekaterina Skulkina reincarnated as Olga Buzova

First member humorous show Comedy Woman Ekaterina Skulkina impressed everyone with drastic weight loss, and now a new image — the artist was an ash blonde with short hair. “Ol, @buzova86 I just repainted in your colour, and you managed to change”, — said Ekaterina, Olga Buzova, who recently dyed her hair brown (the Spelling and punctuation here and further more. — Approx. ed.).


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Obviously, Skulkin transformed with the help of a wig, but not all of her fans immediately realized this. However, many said that Catherine is perfect in every way. “Very well!!! Although any kind of wonderful”, “just like Marilyn Monroe!”, “Way cool!!!”, “In any way unique, the most spectacular and talented on TNT”, “You in any color is gorgeous! I love you, you’re so funny,” the bombarded the actress with compliments.

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Recall that last year Skulkin lost 20 pounds. According to star, in a new body it feels more relaxed and confident. However, to stop there is not going Catherine: artist wears them physical exercise to still lose a little weight.

Екатерина Скулкина уверена, что только спорт и правильное питание могут помочь похудеть

Артистка заявила, что не делала операцию по уменьшению желудка и не принимала никакие чудо-таблетки

Екатерине удалось похудеть почти на 20 килограммов

Екатерина Скулкина

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