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Thing in your house – looking creep Russian movie WHO is THERE

And still more are born talented guys among our native aspen but birch! Albeit, maybe not all of them work perfectly yet, may sometimes make mistakes, but – “Bravo!” to these enthusiasts, Bravo!

Today we will tell you about a very good-looking crepaway short film (and, of course, will show it) directed by debutant Roman Bubnov. The film is called “Who’s there”, on his YouTube channel Roman posted it this spring under the English name of Who’s There. Since then, his work has already been seen more than 32 thousand people, the video received more than 600 likes in just 40 dislike – pretty good result for a debutant!

The novel he wrote (in fairness, nothing sverhoriginalnogo in this story there), he produced and directed the staging and filmed very well in its specific subgenre (Tripolye short films for youTube).

In comments to the film, a lot of English-speaking users. And a lot of the movie actually liked it. Moreover, among the praised, “Who’s there” – the official account of famous creep movie YouTube channel Creept TV (one and a half million subscribers plus a smaller audience reach on Facebook). What foreigners write about the work of the Russian horror-debutant? Translate a few sayings:

Really great job!Very creepy atmosphere! Great job! I liked this horror short film.Excellent short film… It was so scary!

In General, it’s worth a look. And then tell us what you about this little film I think!

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