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Thin waist: the best uprajneniya that will help to clean up the sides

Тонкая талия: лучшие упражненя, которые помогут убрать бокаOne of the secret women’s desires when you look in the mirror before the party – to remove the sides.

The so-called sides, is the result of the accumulation of fat, and remove the side hard enough, even against effective fight against excess weight.

After all, despite the fact that they are really a bit reduced in size with proper, balanced nutrition, for best results, it is important to Supplement your diet and certain physical exercises.

But the problem is that not everyone has the time to regularly go to the gym, and to develop yourself an exercise plan is difficult.

But many are not even aware that with a regular chair you can achieve amazing results (without leaving home).

This “simulator” allows us to use your own body weight as resistance, and unlike other home devices the risk of injury to muscles or joints is minimal.

Experts told about the 6 best exercises to remove finally these hanging side. Their advice leads health info with reference to

1. Step up: upgrades
This exercise allows to study not only the muscles of the abdomen and waist, but also legs and hips. And this is an advantage over the other.

How to do it?
Put one foot on a chair, lifting the body up and simultaneously pulling the free foot back.

Tighten your stomach and gluteal muscle, and then switch legs.
Your movements should be smooth, to be completed 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

2. “Triceps-down” pushups from a chair
This exercise is also very interesting, as it allows you to not only remove the hanging side, but also helps to strengthen the back, shoulders and arms.

How to do it?
Stand with your back to a chair, place both hands on the seat, your elbows should “look” back to be parallel to each other. Feet on the floor.

Raise your body, straight arms, breathing in on the effort.

Remember that the stomach should be pulled during exercise and do 3 sets of 10 or 15 repetitions.

3. “Split”: squats with arms raised on a chair leg
These types of movements require more concentration and stamina, but because at first the exercise may seem tedious. However, it is very effective.

It serves for increasing the elasticity of muscles and allows you to work out quadriceps and the thighs.

How to do it?
Stand up straight, knees slightly bent, then raise one leg on a chair, standing behind you, as shown in the picture above.

Now lower and lift your body in such a position, performing 15 to 20 repetitions.

If desired, can also perform one of the variations of this exercise: moving the foot raised on a chair, then forward, then back.

4. ABS on the chair
To focus on the abdominal muscles, you can do the following exercises with a chair. You will need to hold your own body weight and maintain balance.

How to do it?
Sit on the edge of a chair, legs extended forward and slightly raised.

Ensure that the tips of the feet do not touch the floor.

Now just a little bit ago and at the same time pull up to her knees.

Try to touch their belly to the torsion housing was maximum. Inhale returning to the starting position and exhale on the effort (when you’ll bend your knees and pull them towards him).

Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

5. Knees double screen
This exercise is just intended to “to simulate” and “edit” your waist, abdomen and buttocks.

This is a great way for the local fight against fat, and in order to lose weight in General, and also just to strengthen the muscles of your body.

It helps to strengthen the muscles and bones of the back.

How to do it?
Lean your hands on the chair, and the legs pull back, leaning on her fingertips.

Without lifting the body up, tighten your right leg bent at the knee, to the inner side of the left hand, as if you wanted to touch it to the elbow.

Hold this position for a couple seconds and return to starting position.

Then repeat the exercise with the other leg, do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

6. Lateral lifts with chair
This exercise will be a great addition to the previous, towards the elaboration of the abdominal muscles, waist and buttocks.

How to do it?
Stand next to the chair so you could lean on his back with his right hand (side to chair).

Now the left arm put behind your head and extend your left leg out to the side, behind her from the right for some distance.

Begin to lower your left hand and simultaneously lift left leg, to (ideally) touch the palm heel.

Return to starting position and perform 10-15 repetitions on each leg.

Are you ready to take the challenge? As you can see, to deal with them and bring the figure in order not so difficult even in the presence of a small amount of free time. All you need for a complete training is available at each of our houses, it would wish.

Try to devote these exercises a few minutes a day and you will appreciate their advantages appreciated.

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