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“Thieves of all time”: the Legendary Bank robbers. Photo

"Воры всех времён": Легендарные грабители банков. ФотоMeet the legendary Bank robbers are thieves of all time.

Legendary Bank robbers went down in history not because of their heroic deeds, but because of the most brazen attacks on banks.

As you know, life writes the best scenarios, therefore, the history of daring Bank robbers are the inspiration for many screenwriters, Directors and writers. Meet the legendary Bank robbers are thieves of all time.

Marat Mikhaylich. A native of Ukraine, Marat Mikhaylich was known in America as the “holiday bandit”, who attacked banks only at the end of December. To Rob a Bank he started in 2009 in new York city. Amazing the fact remains that a very long time, almost two years, he managed to remain unpunished, and this despite the fact that during the attacks he never wore masks, leaving banks in their fingerprints, and in his nearly 2-meter rise is very difficult to get lost in the crowd. Many times he managed to escape from the police unnoticed: no one saw that he used the car. Some time Marat was the most wanted criminal in the United States. In the end, after 9, the “success” of armed robberies, he was caught due to an oversight: the robber called taxi to get away from the crime scene, but forgot to hide the gun, the taxi driver saw him and ran away… And then everything was like in the American movies.

"Воры всех времён": Легендарные грабители банков. Фото

Candice Rose Martinez. In 2005, 19-year-old student Candace rose, went to the cashier in a Bank in Virginia, USA, while talking on his cell phone and as if nothing had happened said: “This is a robbery.” During the robbery, Candace continued to talk on the phone with her boyfriend and an accomplice. The video from the Bank got all the world’s media and candice rose Martinez became known, receiving the nickname the “cell bandidas.” In total, she took part in four attacks on banks. For the robbed money, about 50 thousand dollars, she and her boyfriend bought a car, two large TV, clothes and gadgets. Candice is an attractive young girl with arrogant calm, with phone to the ear robbed banks, caused the public sympathy and even empathy. However, the court was not to candice so supportive and sentenced her to 12 years in prison.

"Воры всех времён": Легендарные грабители банков. Фото

Patty Hearst. The heiress (1954) American media Mogul at the age of 20 years was kidnapped by the revolutionary group “the Symbionese Liberation Army” (SLA). Simbolistica liberation army did not want to get rich ransom for Patty Hearst, they demanded to provide food for the needy. Usually people who have millions on the account, do not Rob banks. However, Patty Hearst began to identify with the kidnappers, she became emotionally dependent on them and after a few months after the abduction participated in a Bank robbery in San Francisco. When she was caught in 1975, a lawyer in the trial tried to make her a victim, which allegedly suffered from the Stockholm syndrome (when the victim starts to sympathize with the kidnapper). However, the jury had serious doubts about this, because during the robberies, none of the captors were accompanied by Patty. The court sentenced her to seven years in prison, but thanks to the Amnesty she was released much earlier. Photo: Patty during an arrest in 2012.

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"Воры всех времён": Легендарные грабители банков. Фото

Willie Sutton. Willie Sutton was born in 1901. This young man with a charming smile for 35 years robbed more than 100 banks, stealing approximately 2 million dollars. During the robberies, he was never ill, threatened with a gun… with no bullets. It was a master of “disguise” that robbed banks dressed as a banker. Several times he succeeded, disguised, to escape from prison, in which, in total, spent over half her adult life. His laconic response to the question “why he robs banks” went down in history. He said, “Because there is money.” Willie Sutton was serving a life sentence, but rather 120 years in prison, but good behavior and bad health were released. And his life ended as a… security consultant to banks. Died at the age of 79 years. In 2012 his story was the basis of the novel “Sutton”, written by JR Moehringera.

"Воры всех времён": Легендарные грабители банков. Фото

Lester M. Gillis (Baby Face Nelson). Born in Chicago in 1908. First fired a gun when he was 12 years old, and when he turned 14, was already an experienced thief. At the peak of his career robbing banks, while famous for extreme cruelty. In the early 30’s he made friends with another bandit, John Paul chase, and since then they worked together until the very end, eventually joining the John Dillinger gang. Lester was given the nickname “Nelson with the face of a child.” He was short of stature, with an innocent baby face and a very bad temper, it’s in his FBI file. At age 25 he was shot by Federal agents, having during his life to kill more FBI agents than any other gangster at the time. (Photo: FBI).

"Воры всех времён": Легендарные грабители банков. Фото

Bonnie and Clyde. Legendary lovers, robbers and murderers. Bonnie – the little blonde with the face of an angel and Clyde, an elegant young man – they seemed very beautiful and cute pair of young people. In the 30 years of the twentieth century this couple cleverly robbed banks, petrol stations and shops. They had a simple plan: to Rob and run away… or die. Bonnie and Clyde was caught in a police ambush and were shot to death in 1934. In 1967, their story formed the basis of the movie “Bonnie and Clyde”.

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"Воры всех времён": Легендарные грабители банков. Фото

John Dillinger. Dillinger was a notorious criminal, is almost the same as al Capone. However, there were rumors that he wanted to Eclipse the glory American gangster, so during their brazen attacks always seemed, that his name was heard. With his gang, John Dillinger wielded during the great depression in the United States. He managed to Rob more than 20 banks. In the Newspapers of his attack was described as full of bravado attack and he himself – as an extremely courageous person. In 1934, Dillinger was shot dead by a policeman.

"Воры всех времён": Легендарные грабители банков. Фото

Butch Cassidy. Another legend of the Wild West. The circumstances of his death are still unknown and shrouded in mystery. His real name was Robert Leroy Parker. He was the leader of the gang “the Wild Bunch”, which robbed banks and trains, and after the “work” fun and staged fights in “saloons”. One day Butch was caught and put in jail, albeit briefly: he went out very soon… promising to “fix”. Robert Leroy Parker or Butch Cassidy was born in 1866 and died probably in 1908. He is said to have committed suicide in the house, which was surrounded by soldiers. However, there was evidence that he was seen alive and well after 1908. In 1969 came the film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid”.

"Воры всех времён": Легендарные грабители банков. Фото

Jesse James. A ruthless robber and expert in robbing banks, stagecoaches and trains. During the civil war was a young soldier, and after graduation joined the gang, becoming its leader. And although many call him “Robin hood” of the Wild West, the noble thief who robbed the rich and gave to the poor, in fact he was an ordinary bandit. During his robberies, as a rule, killed innocent people. Jesse James died at the hands of Robert Ford – the man he trusted, but who friendship prefer a reward for the capture of the robber. In 2007, the screens out the film “How cowardly Robert Ford killed Jesse James”.

"Воры всех времён": Легендарные грабители банков. Фото

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