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They will have to pass “Labyrinth”

New details have become known caste of the upcoming psychological Thriller “the Maze” (The Maze). In August, the film has found a Director, and the Creator of “the Demons of Deborah Logan”, and the Director of the upcoming “Astral 4” — Adam Robitel.

Now, however, the project was joined by actors Tyler Labin (“the psychic”), Jay Ellis (Movie 43) and Nick Dodani (“Good neighbor”).

In addition, it was already known about the presence of caste Deborah Ann wall (“Daredevil”), Logan Miller (“the Walking dead”) and Taylor Russell (“Matrix time”).

It is assumed that “Labyrinth” is a Thriller in the spirit of “the Game” by David Fincher:

Six strangers find themselves in circumstances beyond their circumstances and now must use all their skills to survive.

On the script worked Bragi F. Jester (“season of the witch”) and Maria Miller (“American gods”). A busy film production company Sony Pictures and Original Films.

The start date of filming and the release of “the Maze” yet to be announced.

Jay Ellis

Nick Dodani

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