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They retreated to buy time

Они отступили, чтобы выиграть время

They temporarily retreated, but minimally. No retreat could not, Putin ordered — but within those restrictions receded as little as I could. The remains of the fence, still fence, remains of the riot police. No question about the release of prisoners. Not a referendum, but do not get a survey. In fact, while the only victory city protest — stopped construction (and even then, it will be necessary to closely monitor).

Obviously, they are obsessed with the idea to build this temple in this square, come what may.

After suffering considerable losses, they retreated to buy time and regroup. The survey will take a month or two. The procedure is unclear. During this time, will be strengthened by the awareness-raising campaign for the Church and against the defenders of the square, the townspeople hundred thousand times talk about “jumping maydanschikov in Balaklava” — and will be thought out decision on the falsification of the results of the survey.

Of course, everyone in the city knows what is now an objective balance of opinions, poll of the “Society” is quite clearly captures (in the region of 20% over the temple, in the region of 60% over the square, others do not care), and obviously not matching this result, the surveys will not be accepted by the city and will lead to a new wave of rallies. But it when still will be.

The authorities hope that by the time the rains or vacation, graduation or something else will help them. And in terms of repressive measures to prepare better. And just maybe somehow the topic will go, the urgency subside.

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