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They are only afraid that you will one day run out of patience

Они боятся только того, что у вас однажды кончится терпение

I foresee in the near future to the coronavirus will try to pin all of our troubles. However, we are not the most affected country from him. And affected the national currency also fell by a third? Or is it just us? Not a virus at all? Oh Yes — there was some dancing with oil — and we are with these sores had forgotten.

Do you remember what collapsed the Soviet Union? Gorbachev destroyed? Yeah, of course. Oil prices fell unthinkable. And in a country of victorious socialism at the time was over all at once. Since then it has happened a couple more times. And every time a weak voice egghead intellectuals cried out to our sun — do not build the life and welfare of a vast country on the same oil! Let’s develop private enterprise, industry, science, to encourage initiatives! To hell with him, do not encourage, at least don’t ruin! They in return nodded and continued to cut the petrodollars. Created prigosudarstvennoy a few giant oil companies. Rest gently strangled (who and roughly). And then there’s ambition seized — decided to show the world what we (i.e. they) cool. Yet in the pursuit of masks, which and is not, trying to save their closed cafes, restaurants and other so painstakingly created by the offspring of people do not understand how they once again got robbed.

You know what? They don’t give a shit how you live. They are not impoverished. And am only afraid that you will one day run out of patience. But apparently, the Russian people’s patience is limitless.

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