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“They are among us”: the Scientists found the descendants of the ancient people

"Они среди нас": Ученые нашли потомков древнего народаThe researchers conducted DNA analysis.

Scientists using DNA analysis found that the representatives of the Taino people, who at the time of arrival of Europeans in America was inhabited by Haiti, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas and some of the Northern lesser Antilles, has not disappeared after colonization, according to Science Alert.

The Taino people were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, then its numbers were several hundred thousand people. It is believed that later, the Indians died from diseases brought by the Europeans, and the forced exploitation on the plantations.

Now, researchers have analyzed DNA of a woman, the remains of which were found on the island of Eleuthera, which is part of the Bahamas. The woman lived approximately in the VIII–X centuries ad

Scientists have compared its genome with the genomes of 40 groups of modern native Americans. It turned out that the woman has a genetic link with a large number of modern South American Nations. However closely it is associated with the current inhabitants of Puerto Rico. This means that the Taino Indians were almost completely destroyed, and continue to live today.

“These people have not disappeared. In fact they are still here among us,” says one of the study’s authors Jorge Estevez.

Previously, archaeologists have discovered 60 thousand houses, roads, palaces, complex irrigation systems of the times of the Mayan civilization. All these buildings have been for centuries buried beneath the jungle in the North of Guatemala.

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