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They all die in the second trailer for “Killing a sacred deer”

Psychological horror-Thriller , George Lanthimos “Killing a sacred deer” (The Killing of a Sacred Deer) until it looks like something from the category of “must Watch”, but nevertheless intriguing. The first trailer for the picture has been penetrated by some strange, if not morbid mood. Plot the plot is nothing amazing, atmospheric shots side by side with the very ordinary and boring, but the last work of the Director (“Fang”, “Lobster”), prize of the Cannes film festival best screenplay “Deer” and feedback in the spirit of “Absolutly fuckin diamond!” cannot fail to awake the imagination.

A talented heart surgeon Steven lives a happy life with his wife Anna and two beautiful children. This family idyll is threatened by a Ghost from the past that Stephen no longer afford to hide.

Today, the Network appeared the second trailer of the film, short and in the spirit of the first. With its own atmosphere. The case when nothing really happens, but it is interesting to look at the whole picture, not these scraps. While it is clear that the hero Colin Farrell will be a problem. Children get sick, and then there’s the troubled teen Martin on his head fell off and he says very strange things. As all this is correct, we will see in the movie.

The Russian premiere of “Killing sacred deer” will be held on November 16, 2017.

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