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These winter things are finally out of fashion. Photo

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. ФотоIs time to give.

Not far off a cold, and then soon all of us will again have to solve the puzzle of “How to dress warm and look stylish”. The task is not easy, but it can cope if requested to examine the most common mistakes.

We have collected some of the most common blunders which you should avoid when creating the autumn-winter images.

1. Fur vest

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. Фото

An oversized fur vest won’t add elegance, and it is not our personal opinion, and the harsh and unforgiving fact. This thing turns any shape into a rectangle, it is almost impossible to pick an outfit, and frost it protects bad. And last argument: vests made of fur are simply out of fashion.

Real fur in high esteem by the designers on the catwalks increasingly bright fur coats faux fur coats “under the bear”. From the harsh Siberian frosts they will not save, but is this task ever done fur vest?

2. Funny hat for each day

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. Фото

The search for a stylish headwear for many girls turn into torture. And some give up too quickly, preferring knitted caps acidic colors or cheerful patterns with winter patterns. A great choice for skiing, trips to the country or walking in the Park, but no more. Another common mistake is to buy a complete set of hats, scarves and mittens, made in one color. With this set you will be more like a teenager, not a stylish girl.

Look at berets, caps or even hats, and caps, choose a volume and not too close to the head. Want something more fun? You can be inspired by images from the catwalk: it is easy to find bright and crazy options, but note that these accessories need to know how to write to your casual look.

3. Blue jeans tucked into high boots

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. Фото

Bright jeans paired with a dark high boots “cut” the leg and will not get you a drop of style. High boots still look best with skirts and dresses, but if you want to wear them with pants, choose thick narrow models whose color does not contrast with the color of your shoes.

In the cold season with trousers and jeans will best match the ankle boots. With bright shoes and accessories (pay attention to the shoes on the right echo the color of the beret), even in the rather boring monochrome image you can add an interesting accent.

4. Uggs in the city

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. Фото

Soft, warm and comfortable uggs are the perfect footwear for country trips, camping, at worst, to fly and meet her (just love them Hollywood celebrities). But ugg boots will never look stylish on the streets of the city, and then ruthlessly discarded the shoes of an everyday wardrobe and is replaced by a slightly less comfortable but far more stylish boots or shoes.

5. Ridiculous long down jacket

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. Фото

Trying to escape from the wind and frost, many women wrap themselves from head to toe in silly jackets that look like they were accidentally found somewhere in the attic, where nobody looked. Throw in shiny fabrics and rich fur collar, and now a new reverse trend in front of us.

Replacements this piece of clothing can be found many: it is all the modern styles of jackets (especially interesting to look cropped styles, search for the relevant images in the final article), and a warm wool coat that you can wear ultra-light slim down jacket. And don’t forget about the color scheme: bright top will easily set you apart from the crowd and will cheer up even the most dull day.

6. Huge scarf-plaid

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. Фото

The trend was at the peak of popularity a few years ago, safely rooted in the past. It’s very warm, but incredibly insidious thing that weigh down the top and makes the image of a bulky and clumsy.

Insulate neck poncho with a high neck scarves and scarves of lightweight but warm fabrics. Alas, that is the fashion industry not come up with anything as nice for the neck, as a scarf-blanket, but let’s give her some time.

7. Thin pantyhose

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. Фото

Bare legs in thin nylon tights and cold weather – are incompatible. Especially painful to look at girls that combine these tights with a light coat and short skirt.

Please make a choice in favor of health and give preference to a dense opaque tights: they look just as good. If you need to wear thin tights, then pick up the image of long coat: at least it won’t look so weird. And on how to combine tights with shoes and clothes, we are told here.

8. Thin cardigans

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. Фото

Thin, shapeless cardigan – another candidate for relegation from the wardrobe. He doesn’t do the image of a harmonious, quickly loses its shape and stretches. Especially bad this thing looks, if worn on the turtleneck or shirt sleeves, more likely to have an accordion, and there will be creases.

If you don’t want to abandon the cozy cardigans, try to at least choose styles with simple cuts of the more tight-knit. Note that associated thick thread cardigans and sweaters will only add to the figure of the volume. But the best alternative to cardigans will be well-cut and sitting on the figure’s jacket – stylish, neat and relevant at all times.

Cold is not an excuse for boring images

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. Фото

In the cold season the streets are filled with repetitive silhouettes and clothing expressionless black and gray shades. But the cold is not a reason to dress boring. Modern fashion offers a lot of interesting and at the same time warm solutions. And let you not dare to wear a bright red coat, or a lemon-yellow sweater, but sometimes just add a few interesting accents and not to repeat common mistakes, and now your new fashion image is ready.

Эти зимние вещи окончательно вышли из моды. Фото

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