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These vitamins are the most important for a strong immune system

Эти витамины считаются самыми важными для крепкого иммунитетаThe secret to a strong immune system.

Many people know that vitamins help strengthen the immune system, but not everyone understands exactly how it works. Recently on the immunity a lot of writing.

This is the most important system of the body, which protects us from different “enemy agents”, viruses, bacteria and damaged cells. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Sometimes the immunity power decreases, and then we become susceptible to colds. This is especially noticeable in young children who are beginning almost nonstop to get sick after visiting the kindergarten, and then moms start to panic. And the reason can be only a weakening of the immune system. In this situation, you may need vitamins for immune system – immunomodulators which enhance the body’s defenses can correct the situation.

Vitamins help not only with the weakening of immunity, but also enhanced his work.

Vitamin C, for example, helps to eliminate the symptoms of colds by strengthening the walls of blood vessels. This mechanism helps to enhance the body’s resistance to colds.

Vitamin a helps protect the mucous membranes and skin, making them less susceptible to the penetration of viruses, and b vitamins help to improve the functional state of the nervous system and make it more resistant to stress.

In case of allergic reactions vitamins can reduce the release of histamine by mast cells (this causes redness and swelling of the tissues).

Sometimes people say they are allergic to vitamins, but an allergic reaction is often not the vitamins that are included with the property and an inorganic compound, running in tandem with the mineral or vitamin. Sulfate compounds, such as magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate or manganese are responsible for skin rashes.

Vitamins are also used as prophylaxis and treatment of respiratory viral diseases. They are appointed in the autumn-winter period, when increases the likelihood of getting sick. If you take vitamins in the period of recovery after suffering a cold, this helps to quickly regain strength and recover.

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