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These vitamins and minerals are “responsible” for the good mood

Эти витамины и минералы «отвечают» за хорошее настроениеThe easiest way to lighten the mood.

Fatigue and melancholy can be defeated with the help of vitamins a good mood. In this article you will learn what vitamins to give us strength and energy.

If you do not leave in a bad mood, you feel fatigue and nervous exhaustion, then the reason may be a lack of key vitamins and minerals that give people a burst of energy and a feeling of vitality.

In this article we will tell you about vitamins, which is unthinkable without active life with a good mood.
If you do not leave in a bad mood, you feel fatigue and nervous exhaustion, then the reason may be a lack of key vitamins and minerals that give people a burst of energy and a feeling of vitality.

B vitamins

B vitamins play an important role in maintaining the normal activities of the nervous system. In particular, a marked positive effect on the nervous system has a vitamin B1 (thiamine). This vitamin promotes the development of creative abilities, thinking and slows down the process of aging. For people engaged in mental labour, the vitamin B1 is needed especially.

When deficiency of vitamin B1 there is fatigue, drowsiness, depression and irritability.

Products with a high content of thiamine are considered legumes, unpolished rice, cereals, Kale, liver, potatoes, eggs.

Other b vitamins (B2, B6) contained in meat, fruits and vegetables. We should also say about vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), which in small quantities is found in meat and dairy products. This vitamin is also produced by the normal flora of the intestine.

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Vitamin H (Biotin)

Vitamin H (or Biotin) is mainly responsible for normal digestion of proteins. Biotin is actively involved in carbohydrate metabolism, through interaction with the hormone of the pancreas.

One of the most important functions of Biotin – is involved in the production of the enzyme glucokinase, which stimulates glucose metabolism, thereby supporting optimal concentration of sugar in the blood. That glucose is the main nutrient for the nervous tissue. So one of the first symptoms of Biotin deficiency is in a bad mood.

Sources of vitamin H is beef liver, milk, soy products, almonds, boiled eggs, walnuts and almonds.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is often called the vitamin of youth and energy. This connection, together with the amino acid phenylalanine enters nerve cells where it stimulates the synthesis of the hormone noradrenalin. This hormone helps improve tone and vigor.

The best sources of ascorbic acid are vegetables and fruits. A lot of vitamin C From black currants, cabbage, wild rose, sweet pepper, citrus and potatoes. Would be useful broth hips, since these fruits also contain bioflavonoids and enzymes that allow the vitamin C to be better absorbed.

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Magnesium and iron

Magnesium – a chemical element that is critical for energy production. The lack of this element the person begins to experience fatigue and weakness. Magnesium is involved in many different biochemical cycles, through which the body gets energy. In addition, magnesium regulates potassium levels in the body and the adrenal glands, which is essential for normal energy balance and maintain the optimal activity of the body.

As for iron, it is first necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin – the oxygen carrier. In case of iron deficiency the person begins to experience fatigue, lethargy, his immunity decreases and he begins to get sick often.

“Most of the iron found in meat, grain and cocoa.”

Natural and synthetic vitamins

It is no secret that vitamins are best obtained from food. Contained in vegetables and fruits biologically active substances are much better absorbed by the body, and thus bring more benefit. Therefore, one of the main conditions should be wholesome food, rich in all groups of vitamins and minerals. Of course, when expressed forms of hypovitaminosis you are more likely to prescribe vitamins that will allow you to promptly remedy the lack of vitamins and minerals.

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