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These vegetables are especially beneficial for women’s health

Эти овощи особенно полезны для здоровья женщин Named vegetables, which protect women from arthritis and heart disease

A daily dose of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower can prevent a variety of disorders, ranging from arthritis and ending with heart disease.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania explained how useful this kind of power.

Regular consumption of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage is a powerful prevention of various diseases – from arthritis to cardiovascular disease. The study showed that the preventive effect is due to the positive impact of these products on the health of the gastrointestinal system. When laboratory mice were kept on a diet with these vegetables, they are much better cope with various digestive disorders. Scientists explain this by the fact that cruciferous vegetables contain substances that improve intestinal health and its protective function.

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Thus, it is possible to reduce the risk of leaks from the intestines, due to which the body is confronted with toxins and pathogens. It is these leaks of the intestine provoke various inflammatory processes leading to diseases such as arthritis or cardiovascular disease. Researchers believe that the composition of cruciferous vegetables have a component which is broken down to other substances in the stomach. Subsequently, these substances are joined together and activate the aryl-hydrocarbonous receptor of the intestine, which is important for maintaining the health and barrier function of the body.

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A powerful barrier of the digestive system protects the body from toxins and pathogens, while allowing you to better digest nutrients. Translating the results of research on human health, the authors suggested that to achieve the same effect, people need to consume three and a half cups of broccoli daily. And though it seems a significant number, in reality it is achievable, especially when distributed among cruciferous vegetables between Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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