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These varieties of honey are the most useful

Эти сорта меда считаются самыми полезнымиExperts have told how honey can bring maximum benefit to health.

There are over one hundred varieties of honey and each of them has its own unique taste and useful properties. But experts identify the five varieties of honey that are considered the most healing:

Buckwheat. This honey is useful not only in the season of SARS and influenza, as a powerful germicide, but also with iron deficiency anemia, because iron fortified.

Acacia. A great variety of honey having a positive impact on the digestive tract, it is especially useful to those suffering from any disease of the digestive system. Has diuretic properties, and therefore are useful for the kidneys. Also, acacia honey can be used as a great sleep aid.

Poliflerny. There is honey gathered from different flowers, so its properties are so diverse. Collect the honey from the early spring until November. As poliflora honey is ascorbic acid, it is advised to eat every day in the season of viral diseases. It can be used to strengthen the immune system and recharge with new energy, and to eliminate the deficiency.

Fake. Without this med in late autumn and winter do not do, because it perfectly deals with pathogens in the human body, and leadeth them out. Besides, it has beneficial effects on the immune system, possessing tonic properties.

Chestnut. And this variety of honey beekeepers call a powerful natural antibiotic. It can be used to cure faster than normal diseases of the respiratory and urogenital systems.

Whichever honey you choose, it will still be healthier than refined sugar. Plus, honey can raise prostodushie or infected with the seasonal virus of a man to his feet, after any honey is a natural disinfectant that kills all pathogens in its path no worse than antiviral drugs.

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