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These unique properties of oranges have to know everything

Об этих уникальных свойствах апельсинов должны знать всеIn the season of cold weather and winter cold it’s time to — to lay to oranges.

Oranges are the most popular fruit among citrus. Their pleasant sweet-sour taste and aroma can’t leave anyone indifferent. But the most important are those useful properties possessed by the oranges.

To provide benefits to human health this fruit can at the expense of its set of essential substances: vitamins A, b, C and P, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and others. Only one vitamin C, which is, after all, it strengthens the immune system and the skeletal system. Autumn and winter benefit of oranges is that they can protect a person from Contracting a seasonal viral infections.

What other unique properties have oranges:

1. Uric acid excretion from the body. With the aid of the substances contained in oranges, people can get rid of such diseases as gout.

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2. Protection against cancer. Vitamins, which are rich in oranges, and in particular vitamin C, can cleanse the blood vessels from harmful microorganisms, carcinogens, toxins and other poisons. This is why oranges are called powerful tool for prevention of cancer.

3. Natural slimming. Oranges, like the rest of their relatives in the genus citrus that can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and burn the fat that leads to reduction of body weight.

4. The decrease in body temperature and help in the fight against respiratory infections. If you did not have the necessary drugs, the orange can break the fever and relieve the symptoms of colds, flu and other viral diseases.

5. A boost of energy. Some strange way the oranges are able to liven up sleepy or tired person, again, it’s all in the phytoncides contained in the composition of these fruits.

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6. Accelerating the metabolism. Fiber and orange juice has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis, accelerating the metabolism. However, consumed on an empty stomach is not recommended by doctors because they are rich in acids.

7. Improvement of appetite. People who suffer from anorexia or other diseases associated with reluctance to eat, doctors recommend 15 minutes before a meal to eat a few orange slices or other fruit from the citrus family, to whet the appetite.

Doctors say that one orange eaten for a day, bring your health maximum benefit, especially in winter when the immune system works without breaks and weekends.

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