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These unique events will never happen again. Photo

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото We are always surrounded by miracles.

People have seen and played a lot of great things, but something in our nature drives us, when a miracle occurs: we definitely want to repeat it.

Some of our biggest, most significant achievements we were able to reproduce more than once. When man reached the moon, he subsequently made it another 11 times. Even some of the most bizarre natural oddities sometimes repeated more than once. For example, did you know that the Mississippi river flowed three times in the opposite direction?

However, sometimes be a truly unique event, unbelievable things that never in human history are not repeated. Below we’ll talk about 10 of them.

10. Comet Vesta

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

Visible in March 1976, comet Vesta, named after astronomer Richard Vesta (Richard West), who first found her, was a wonderful spectacle and reached magnitude -3 in (the smaller the size of the comet, the better the object can be seen). It’s brighter than ever-we saw Jupiter. Despite all the beauty, the comet included in this list not because of its brightness, but because of its orbital period.

Some of the comet – this piece of events in a person’s life, such as, for example, Halley’s comet, which orbits the Sun once in 76 years, but the comet Vesta was estimated to be travelling in solar orbit once in 250,000 years.

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

This figure is not accurate, as weight loss or interactions with other solar bodies can change the orbit of the comet. Of course, 249000 years is still a lot.

Unfortunately, the comet Vesta is not very well covered in the media. Before talked a lot about the appearance of the comet Kohoutek, which was supposed to collide with Earth, but this did not happen. This fact has led to the fact that the comet Vesta did not say much. Many of us missed the opportunity to observe in 1976, and now hardly get to see her again.

9. Carringtons event

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

Carringtons event is a geomagnetic storm caused by a massive solar flare at 23:23 on 1 September 1859. Flash first noticed Richard Carrington (Richard Carrington), and on the following morning she struck on the magnetosphere of the Earth, igniting the pre-dawn sky, shining with such force that it was visible even in the South of Jamaica.

More alarming was the fact that all over the world sparkled and lit up Telegraph wires. Even when disconnected from power sources, they were able to send messages due to strong electrical currents caused by this event. Until that day mankind don’t know that there are solar flares.

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

Today, we regularly observed a solar flare, but Carringtons the event was unique for two reasons: it hit the Ground, and it was also the most massive solar flare in the past 500 years.

If something like that happened today, it is estimated that the Earth would be harmed by about 1 to 2 trillion dollars. Therefore, it has earned a place in our list.

8. The eradication of a human disease

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

When, in 1967, the goal was to eradicate smallpox, estimated it was still ill from 10 to 15 million people annually. As a result, approximately two million cases ended in death, and millions were left disabled, including the blind.

It has been more than ten years before it was recorded the last case of smallpox. It happened in 1978, and in 1979 the disease was declared completely eradicated among the population of the Earth.

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

This is the only case of eradication of a human disease. Until that time she is over 3000 years raged across the planet and only through the coordinated efforts of countries around the world it managed to be liquidated.

In General, the complete destruction of one of the oldest and cruelest enemies of mankind was worth about $ 100 million. It was a good deal.

Smallpox was the first disease which had fought on a global scale, but not the last. Dracunculiasis, measles, teniidoze, along with many others, also in the list for total elimination.

7. A visit to the two ice giants of the Solar system

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

The only man-made object that fell on Uranus and Neptune, was the spacecraft Voyager 2. During the flyby of Uranus, Voyager 2 has travelled to 81400 km in Order to study the planet, it was only 5.5 hours.

In the end, he found that the atmosphere of Uranus is 85 percent hydrogen and 15 percent helium, that at the distance of 800 km from the clouds of the planet is a boiling ocean that the magnetic field is surprisingly aligned in relation to the equator and that the planet has another 10 satellites, which was not known previously.

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

Circled Neptune, got the same surprises such as the existence of the Great Dark Spot and active geysers on the moon planet, Triton. These unique visits to the planet make up a large part of what we know about Uranus and Neptune.

It would be fair to say that the brother of the Voyager 2 and has not returned. Voyager 1 is the first and only man-made object that has reached interstellar space. He’s there now, where is the magnetic field of the Sun and constant flow of substances will not affect anything. In other words, it is in the space between the stars.

6. The seizure of the ships the cavalry

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

In the winter of 1795, it was so cold that the Dutch fleet near the island of Texel froze in the water during the French war for independence. This allowed the French, under the command of Louis Laura (Louis Lahure) to attack naval ships on horseback. The result was captured 14 vessels.

There is controversy about whether it was a battle really. The Dutch report States that it was more of a negotiation than battle. They were just supposed to follow orders from the French side, drop the sails and to maintain military discipline.

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

One Dutch surgeon on Board the hijacked ship said calmly: “Saturday morning my servant informed me that near our ship with a French hussar. I looked out the window, and indeed there stood hussars”.

So later Laura told us about the attack: “When the ships saw us, they prepared their defense. I sent a few people ahead to scout, while he and the rest of the forces followed. The fleet was taken. The sailors willingly accepted us on Board.”

This is a true story about the capture of the Dutch fleet, which made 23-year-old commander.

French naval artists have portrayed the incident as the glorious battle. Under this name and memorized in the history. It was a battle or not, but the fleet was instantly captured by the cavalry.

5. Chute New Hebrides

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

We know that on Earth there are not many unexplored places, but the bottom of the ocean in this sense, is a notable exception. Our oceans are home to 30 deep-sea trenches, and we are just starting to explore their secrets.

One example is the trench New Hebrides, with a length of 7200 meters and located at a distance of about 1600 km to the North of New Zealand. It was visited only once unmanned lander.

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

Expedition to the end of 2013 showed that not all deep-sea trenches are similar to each other. Creatures like the Grenadier, which are easy to find in other trenches, there is completely absent. On the other hand, in this particular chute was a lot of normally rare fishes of the family SibNIIE.

On Earth a lot of places that we saw only once, not to mention those who attended.

4. People who completely recovered from HIV

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

About 35 million people died from the human immunodeficiency virus, and 1.1 million died in 2015. Among approximately 36,7 million people today living with this disease may look surprising is the fact that only one of them managed to heal completely. This Is Timothy Brown (Timothy Brown).

It happened after the transplantation him a bone marrow donor with a genetic mutation, which makes immune cells resistant to HIV infection.

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

As a result of treatment in 2007 and 2008, brown is completely rid of the virus, but due to the specific nature of its treatment is very difficult to repeat the result. However, the doctors are still working hard in order to use gene therapy and other similar methods to remove this item from our list.

3. Dry Niagara falls

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

The waterfall usually flows at a speed of approximately 567800 liters per second, but in 1969, a few months two of the three elements dried. Left the “working” waterfall “Horseshoe”, while the “Veil” and “American” waterfalls dried. Their “drying” accommodate repair and preservation of famous attractions.

Not surprisingly, this has led to the growth of tourism. In just one weekend have visited the site 89790 people. Some of them even managed to walk along a dry riverbed, in spite of the police warning about a possible danger.

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

The work eventually was completed and water released. Many were hoping for spectacular crazy streams of water, but instead, they are released gradually until the flow has not reached its usual speed. Since then, the waterfall will never dry, however lately there is talk of a possible repetition of the events to repair the bridge.

2. A hurricane in the South Atlantic

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

A serious storm is quite common in the North Atlantic, the average here is season 12 tropical storms and 6 hurricanes, but since 1974, only 9 tropical storms were observed in the South Atlantic. The reason for this was the presence of previously nonexistent disorders and typically high vertical gradient of the wind, which led to changes in the formation of these powerful storms.

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

However, one of those rare tropical storms in the South Atlantic led to the formation of hurricane Katrina. It was a hurricane the first category in March 2004, only ever recorded in the South Atlantic.

The wind speed of this hurricane reached 127 miles per hour, was damaged 36,000 houses and killed at least three people.

1. Beer bottling

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

One of the London Breweries owned almost a 6.7-meter fermentation tank. This car was in the process of making many favorite drink when on 17 October 1814 one of the iron rings, retaining structures, out of order. After an hour fermentation tank burst, releasing the will of 1.2 million liters of finished beverage.

Эти уникальные события больше никогда не повторятся. Фото

Eight people were killed in the ongoing process, another nine died a few days later from alcohol poisoning. The owner of the brewery appeared in court because of the unique flooding, but the incident was soon regarded as an Act of God, and no one was held accountable.

We may never see anything like that, but every year at the local pub, Holborn Whippet (The Holborn Whippet), celebrated this event. There brewed a special ale, to recall the world’s only beer flood.

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