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These traditional drinks to drink on an empty stomach is dangerous

Эти традиционные напитки натощак пить опасноCoffee and orange juice to drink in the morning is harmful.

Traditional morning drinks can cause enormous damage to health, experts believe, is especially dangerous on an empty stomach black coffee and freshly squeezed juices.

Many experts recommend starting the morning with a glass of water. This Board is absolutely justified. But only under the condition that the water is slightly above room temperature or even warm, and if you add a slice of lemon – this drink also will help clean the liver.

“Many people take this advice literally and take out of the refrigerator the water and drink a gulp. Health this practice is very dangerous, as cold water can cause spasms of the vessels of the mucosa, and if it will be more sparkling – it is possible nausea, indigestion and inflammation. In a lighter case will complicate the process of digestion. At the same time to drink water do not gulp, but slowly, in small SIPS,” says nutritionist Lyudmila Babich.

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The most popular morning drink in the world – coffee. But the doctor says it is necessary to drink only after Breakfast and not before. Especially if you have stomach problems, because caffeine irritates the mucous membranes. After consumption increases secretion of gastric juice, heartburn occurs.

No less harmful in the early morning and orange juice. Due to the high content of fruit acids it irritates the stomach wall, and with constant use on an empty stomach may even provoke the appearance of peptic ulcer.

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It is not necessary to perceive all literally and completely orange or Apple juice in the morning. First you need to eat oat or buckwheat porridge, muesli or scrambled eggs, and then drink a glass of juice – this drink is to energize you for a long time.

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