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These tips will keep your skin in perfect condition

Эти советы сохранят вашу кожу в идеальном состоянииOur skin is a reflection of the health of the body.

Hydrated supple skin without redness and blackheads is a reflection of proper nutrition when we do not forget about all the essential vitamins and minerals.

To achieve an ideal condition for the skin is not always easy: the effect of aging, sun, wind, hormonal changes that trigger the appearance of small inflammation of the face and upset the balance that we all strive to achieve to our skin glowed with health and beauty.

Women for centuries have been looking for a beauty recipes that would help to give the skin a special glow, perfect tone and perfect smoothness. And most importantly ― to preserve her youth as long as possible.

If you want to preserve your youthful skin, you should adopt these simple techniques. Here is what you need to do before bedtime.

Double washing

Have you ever been faced with the fact that I would fall asleep after cleaning the face, and woke up with streaks of makeup? Here’s the secret: modern polymers, included in the persistent tones of creams, shadows, and mascaras, not so easy to remove even with soap and water. Still, because they are sometimes for 24 hours.

What you need to do?

Step one: Use the makeup remover based on oil. It is a good solvent for fats and waxes included in the composition of durable means, much better than soap.

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Step two: clean the skin with gentle cleansing milk, micellar water or a cleanser containing no soap, to get rid of makeup residue.

Rasparte face

You may not have enough time or money for a full SPA for a facial every month, but here is what you can afford in any case. It is sufficient to perform the procedure of steaming once a week: hold under a hot shower for two minutes before you wash your face. Do not spray water in the face to get burnt. Just let the pores to open up by the steam.

Another method of deep cleansing is as follows:

Put a clean wet towel in the microwave for 20 seconds, and then gently Pat the face with a hot towel. It opens the pores and allows subsequent washing to completely clean the remnants of makeup, grease and dead skin cells.

Speaking of dead cells

Skin cells naturally die every 28 days, but not all at once, but alternating. So at least twice a week you should use a cleanser with alpha-hydroxy acids. They are working on a purification is much more effective even scrubs. When you use double washing, make this second step.

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If you have oily skin, prone to inflammation, use in a day or two means with salicylic acid.


Hydrated skin is less prone to wrinkle formation due to its elasticity. This is just what you need during sleep. Use for moisturizing light cream with glycerin.

Tip: if you store your moisturizer in the fridge, its action will be more efficient due to the temperature. It results in skin tone and removes redness light is the fact that cold.


If you sleep on your stomach or side (and we all spin during sleep), morning face creases and dents. It’s sweet and touching, but not always beautiful. We would advise you to sleep on your back, but it’s rarely and even harmful to health. The person needs to turn in her sleep, so your body is not asleep.

The only sensible solution is to ensure that the face as little as possible rubbing on the pillow. Change the old sagging pillow at modern orthopedic and make sure that the pillow case was from a more smooth fabric: silk, satin or cotton high density weaving.

So your face in the morning will delight you with radiance.

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