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These tips will help to survive the winter without illness

Эти советы помогут пережить зиму без болезнейReveals the secrets that will help to survive the winter without illness.

It is not necessary to wait for the next cold will tuck you in – get the flu right now.

It does not require any tremendous effort, just a day do something useful for its immunity.

Increase the number of calories! You know the main rule – the colder it is outside, the high-calorie food should be. Why? In cold weather, the body needs more energy to maintain constant body temperature. And if you enrich your diet with sufficient protein and fat then the body will have to work in emergency mode, leading to depletion of stamina and low immunity.

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Take care of the nasopharynx. The mucous membrane of the nasopharynx is our first Outpost on the way viruses and bacteria. Therefore, make sure that the mucous doesn’t dry out and including heaters and being in a heated room, do not forget about moisturizing the air. Additionally bury the nose herbal extracts oil or ghee (clarified butter).

Support the body with vitamins. Best vitamins of natural origin, for example, black currant, mashed with sugar or citrus. Don’t forget about herbal teas (chamomile and Echinacea) or as immunomodulators. Seek the advice of a physician.

Support the intestinal flora. After all, it has a huge number of bacteria that are responsible for the suppression of pathogenic microflora. Faithful assistants will be dairy products (yoghurt, kefir and yogurt). And watch out for a timely colon cleanse – daily fasting drink a glass of lukewarm water.

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Do not forget about the rest. Long been proven that people who are long time exposed to stress, get sick more often and longer. Any stress negatively affect our bodies. So if you don’t want to get sick – often rest and take care of the quality night sleep. And do not be nervous over nothing – learn to find more good in every moment of his life.

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