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These tips will help to protect the body from overeating

Эти советы помогут уберечь организм от переедания Food products can cause severe addiction.

Scientists have named the ways that will help people sitting on a diet, avoid overeating. The study appeared in the relevant edition.

Food, along with alcohol and tobacco, has become a recognized drug. Psychotherapist Mike DOS warns that food products can cause severe addiction.

In 2010 scientists from the SCRIPPS institution of Oceanography studied the relationship of dietary habits and hormones. In the experiment, the rats were fed high-calorie foods purchased in the supermarket. One group of test subjects were able to eat at any time, the second – for four hours. The analysis showed that unlimited access to food caused obesity in rodents and dependence. It turned out, the processes in the brain, altered fat and sugar. A similar impact products have on people.

During the meal, the body produces pleasure hormone dopamine. When the level falls, the person gets depressed and begins to jam a depressed state, feeling an improvement. Over time, the neurons that produce a substance cease to work independently, requiring stimulation. So there is a dependence.

Scientists recommend that people on diets, get control of yourself and endure symptoms for several weeks. This time is enough to restore hormonal levels, after which sugar cravings will pass. As a substitute of glucose, you can use eggplant, nuts, eggs, oranges, apples, buckwheat, brown rice, dairy products.

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