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These three drinks are able to cleanse the entire body

Эти три напитка способны очистить весь организмAs it turned out, to cleanse the entire body at home with some drinks.

Every day together with food, drinks and air in the human body gets a huge variety of substances, not only useful, but also dangerous to health.

Doctors are advised to monitor their health and to have an occasional so-called “cleaning” for the bodywhich can be arranged with the help of food, fasting days, or the following drink:

Tea with spices

Common black tea to cleanse the digestive system and vessels from all harmful that it has accumulated, but only if you add to it a pinch of cinnamon and the same of turmeric. For a more pleasant taste and enhance the effect you can put in a Cup of spicy tea and a slice of lemon.

Tincture of fresh fruits

Afternoon or evening slice the Apple, orange and lemon into slices, place them in a quart jar and pour boiled cooled water. Add a few mint leaves and cover. Hide in dark places, and in the morning you can drink a tincture.

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Green tea

Make tea as usual, draining the first water and pouring it over the drink will become more useful. You can add honey, because this bee product has antiseptic properties and will help rid your body of bacteria.

A huge plus of these drinks is that the products in their cooking always have on hand, but even if you have a home they will not be, they are inexpensive and you can buy them, the more it will benefit your health.

For greater efficiency, the experts suggest to drink a Cup of one of the beverages in the morning on a regular basis. That is, instead of the usual coffee or sweet tea brew green tea or black, but with spices, or drink a Cup of fruit liqueur.

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Also, you can arrange fasting 1 day a week, during which you’ll be drinking only cleansing beverages. It is advisable to alternate them so they get quickly tired.

Besides the fact that these drinks have cleansing properties, they are still good stimulate, so that the need to seek sources of additional energy will disappear by itself.

These three drinks are very good for health, so they can drink at any time of day and in any quantity. But if you’re used to “sit” on the drinks, you will have to give up sugar, because this sweet product can harm your health.

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