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These things appeal to many office workers. Photo

Эти вещи понравятся многим офисным работникам. ФотоThe best device for your desktop.

Currently, the practical weekly there is a huge number of devices and accessories for living and work. Some of them are absolutely useless, others, in turn, on the contrary – should have at each workplace. About five of the most striking examples of just such accessories and devices today, and will be discussed.

1. Blacksmith Desk

Эти вещи понравятся многим офисным работникам. Фото

Very stylish and reliable table.

The name of this table really is a reference to blacksmithing. Of course, the work in the smithy and office work is not the same thing. However, when it comes to the workplace, at home, on the Desk can perform a variety of actions, but because the right thing is very simple, reliable and robust. The Blacksmith table Desk – just like that. It is made of oak and iron frame. Looks like a rare antique. It also is incredibly roomy box for various accessories. The table is covered with a varnish that allows you to easily clean it and promptly put in order.

2. Z-Light

Эти вещи понравятся многим офисным работникам. Фото

A great lamp.

Any sturdy table will do without a good lamp? The answer is simple – no. Table lamp is particularly relevant for our latitude. In the case of Z-Light, the user will be versatile lighting element, with a deep level of customization which will allow to adjust workplace lighting as you really need it. The lamp is not very big and can be folded compactly so you can take it with you. Can work as a network and from a battery charged by means of micro-USB.

3. Backjoy

Эти вещи понравятся многим офисным работникам. Фото

Need to sit too comfortably.

Now, when we have to sit and the lighting, you should think about where to sit. However, we will focus not on the chair. Office chair very individual thing, but a thing called Backjoy is more than universal. What is it? Let’s say it’s something like a cushion that will make “sitting” is not only very convenient but also much more healthy, particularly in the areas of posture, which negatively affects so many people. It is possible to use Backjoy in any chair.

4. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Эти вещи понравятся многим офисным работникам. Фото

Great mouse for work.

It would be difficult today to find a man whose house would be desktop and would not be on this computer. In this case, there is this thing which many PC users very often overlooked is the computer mouse. On the market you can easily find the different variants of this device, however, stop today I would like for this super lightweight and incredibly comfortable piece of engineering, as the Arc Touch Mouse from Microsoft.

5. Twelve South BookArc Mod

Эти вещи понравятся многим офисным работникам. Фото

Will help you to optimize space.

Today every person in possession of more and more devices of varying degrees of usefulness. Unfortunately, positioning all of them at once on the desktop can be very difficult, even if it is vital. Help can stand Twelve South BookArc Mod that will make it easy and efficient to optimize space on the table.

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