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These ten products will prepare your body for the cold season

Эти десять продуктов подготовят ваш организм к сезону холодовAll these products available to us in the fall and now is the time to include them in the diet.

In the cold season not only changes the weather, but the mood and feeling of people, so it is very important to take care of themselves. Nutritionists recommend to start with diet and daily lean on useful products that will prepare the body for the cold weather, strengthen the immune system and prevent the development of seasonal diseases, including depression.

These products must be on the table every day:

Apples. In addition to vitamin C, apples have a lot of iron that improves blood composition. And apples are rich in antioxidants, which have beneficial effect on the human body and protect cells from aging.

Mushrooms. In mushrooms a lot of protein, but few calories, so they are a good alternative to fried fatty meat. Plus, mushrooms contain potassium is a useful nutrient for the heart and blood vessels.

Pumpkin – a natural antioxidant, has a lot of useful substances, including vitamins that take care of the immune system, vision, digestion and others.

Sea-buckthorn berries. This berry is a powerful preventive and healing properties struggling with beriberi. It can help to strengthen the immune system and enrich the diet with vitamins.

Nuts. Fatty acids in all nuts – the most valuable substance that benefits the body. Plus, nuts contain vitamin C and b vitamins, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

The rose hips. Almost a record for the content of the main vitamin for immunity, namely “C” can still excrete the excess fluid along with toxins and other pathogens.

Cabbage. The fresher the cabbage, the more vitamin C. not to mention that cabbage has a positive effect on digestion, thereby improving overall health and strengthening his immune system.

Eggplant. In the “Blues” there are vitamin C and magnesium, and together they will strengthen the nervous system and strengthen the protective function of the organism to viruses and infections.

Jerusalem artichoke. This product will help to speed up metabolism, restore intestinal flora, enhance immune cell production, strengthen the heart muscle, to clear the gastrointestinal tract and so on. In General, the Jerusalem artichoke can be called Superfoods autumn.

Bell pepper. This pepper is sufficient ascorbic acid and vitamin C, with which the protective function of the body is enhanced significantly.

Choosing the correct balanced diet, you automatically take care of my health for the coming season of cold weather and viral infections, improving it day by day.

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