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These symptoms will help in time to recognize lung cancer

Эти симптомы помогут вовремя распознать рак легких Six signs of lung tumors, which occur most often.

Many people believe that lung cancer is only a disease of smokers, it is known that Smoking increases the risk. And although it is susceptible not only to lovers to smoke. And the number of patients with lung cancer who are not smokers, is increasing.

Lung cancer

According to the latest data from 2170 patients with lung cancer in Europe among those who had never smoked, from 2008 to 2016 has doubled. In the US the number is 20% of all cases of lung cancer.

While Smoking remains the main risk factor for this cancer, there are other reasons. “You can be at risk of developing lung cancer and not even know it,” – said the head of the Department of thoracic surgery at the hospital of the mount Sinai hospital Flores, Raja. Radon, asbestos and secondhand smoke – these causes may provoke lung cancer, even among those who never smoked.

It is important to know if you were at risk, and know the symptoms of the disease, although they appear usually when the cancer is at an advanced stage and to treat it is much more difficult. To cure it, and the faster it is to find, the better.

Clear cough – a sure sign, and there’s a reason: this symptom is present in 65% of lung cancers. Worse, if the cough is accompanied by expectoration of blood or phlegm with rusty color. The cough may be caused by very different, much less serious reasons.

We will talk about an additional 6 cancer symptoms about which you should know.

Wheezing can be caused by the overlap of the respiratory tract by a tumor that formed there.

Chest pain
Chest many nerve endings, therefore, in these tissues, the cancer may cause very acute pain. It can be aggravated by coughing, breathing and laughter. The chest pain may also be associated with muscle tension through the coughing, and do not indicate cancer.

Hoarse voice
Wheezing, low or weak voice can also be a symptom of lung cancer. Between the trachea and esophagus aorta is under the laryngeal nerve, which provides the sensitivity of the larynx, vocal cords. The pressure of the tumor on this nerve can lead to the disruption of its work.

Shortness of breath
Difficulty breathing can indicate a blockade – for example, a tumor that prevents the passage of air into the lungs. It can also be a sign of fluid accumulation between the lung and chest wall. This fluid can press on the lungs and also to hinder their filling with air.

Regular pneumonia
Frequent cases of pneumonia can be a serious warning that indicates a serious problem. When the cancer blocks the small Airways of the lungs, there comes the perfect environment for bacteria, leading to infection.

Drooping of the eyes, swelling, weight gain
Lung cancer can also cause symptoms not related to the lungs. A tumor in the upper part of the lung may press on the nerves leading to the eyes and face, which will lead to drooping eyelids, reducing the size of the pupils, or excessive sweating on one side of the face. This is called Horner’s syndrome.

A tumor that presses on the superior Vena cava, may lead to accumulation of blood. The result is swelling of the face, neck, hands and upper chest, which is also accompanied by headache and dizziness. Some types of cancer of the lungs also secrete hormone-like substances that affect other organs. This can lead to sudden weight gain, fatigue, and gynecomastia – the increase of mammary glands in men. It is found that, according to the statistics, only 2% of cases.

What to do if you suspect lung cancer?

If you feel any of these symptoms more than a month, it should be tested. You may need CT scan or bronchoscopy.

But don’t panic! In most cases, the cause of these symptoms is not cancer. And the younger, the more likely that the cause is not so serious: the whistle can be caused by asthma, hoarseness acid reflux. By the way, 91% of cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in people older than 55 years.

So don’t be afraid to be tested. The most likely cause of the symptoms is not cancer but if it is, then verified in a timely manner will only increase your chances of successful treatment.

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