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These symptoms say that you have an Allergy to the cold

Эти симптомы говорят о том, что у вас аллергия на холодLong time, no one did not know that the cold may be allergies.

The vast majority of the world’s population sure that allergens are dust, bacteria, chemical substances and foodstuffs. But for some reason forgot all about that an Allergy can manifest as a result of exposure on the human body to sunlight or cold.

Allergists decided to warn everyone about the possible development of cold Allergy in order to avoid self-medication with complications of the disease, for example, a fatal outcome. It turns out, allergic to the cold is just as dangerous as any other type of Allergy. Hives, on the skin after exposure to cold air can flow in swelling. If this transformation happens outside the skin, that man can help himself, brushing the inflamed area of the body special antihistamine cream or ointment. But if an allergic reaction has touched the mucous membranes of the throat, even that SIP of a cold drink or ice cream can lead to swelling of the throat and suffocation. In this case the “ambulance” may not be able to get to the patient and to acknowledge his death on arrival.

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Symptoms of Allergy cold:

1. The skin on exposed parts of the body, which was shortly before that moment under the influence of cold air or ice water, start to itch wildly.

2. Rash. Allergic reaction to the cold, the rash spreads only to those areas of the body where the skin is adversely affected by the cold. Similar it is more on the hives and after a couple of hours it turns into a scattering of large and small blisters.

3. Runny nose. An amazing thing happens to a person if you are allergic to the cold. Usually the common cold develops when a person from the street comes in heat. And in the case of the influence of cold, as the allergen is all exactly the opposite. That is, outside the person have a runny nose, and as soon as he is in the room where the heat flow from the nose then stops.

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4. Conjunctivitis. Is inflammation of the mucous membranes of one or both eyes, and just as in the case of the common cold. Being in the cold, the person feels the pain in his eyes, he shed tears, itchy eyelids and so on, and warm as if with the wave of a magic wand it all goes away.

5. The pain when swallowing. This symptom is typical for allergies in the cold and many seasonal viral diseases, so it is very important to see a doctor to determined that is the provocateur of pain in the throat.

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