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These symptoms of pneumonia in any case cannot be ignored

Эти симптомы пневмонии ни в коем случае нельзя игнорироватьDoctors have sounded the list of the characteristic symptoms of pneumonia.

Since pneumonia often occurs on the background of colds or complications after suffering a seasonal infection, fall is the time to get acquainted in absentia with the first symptoms of pneumonia.

Pneumonia is an inflammatory process in the lungs caused by the ingestion of viruses and harmful bacteria. When people tried to treat the pneumonia, but their attempts were ended in disappointing statistics of mortality among patients. This continued until, until the antibiotics can cure pneumonia and to raise man to his feet after an illness. Therefore, today people have no need to be treated at home and experiment on yourself if diagnosed with “pneumonia” should be certainly to implement the recommendations of the attending physician.

On these signs you can understand, whether there be inflammation of the lungs:

1. A high body temperature.

2. Fatigue and aching bones, muscles, body as a whole.

3. Pain in the chest front and back.

4. The lack of appetite.

5. Respiratory failure, which manifests itself as shortness of breath. Inflammation of the lungs, the patient may feel breathless even at rest.

6. Cyanosis of the mucous membranes of the lips and facial skin, as well as “bruising” under the eyes, but this symptom is more applies to patients up to 1 year of life, although can occur in other age.

7. Sweating.

8. Severe cough with sputum green and rusty shades.

9. Headache.

In some cases of pneumonia are asymptomatic or the symptoms are not characteristic. If you have any concerns regarding your own health, you can always ask the therapist, not groundless speculation.

Inflammation in the lungs, as we have seen, develops from getting to the respiratory system what the virus and the symptoms can be similar to the underlying disease. For example, you got sick with the flu and pneumonia, and to identify the second disease is extremely difficult, because the symptoms are “erased”. At least if you do that to someone, it most likely is a GP or a pulmonologist.

To postpone the visit to the doctor is extremely unsafe because pneumonia affects the lung tissue, and self-treatment may be in vain if you seek medical help too late.

At the first signs of pneumonia do not be lazy to pass the examination of the lungs and bronchi on the subject of inflammation, if everything is OK, you can sleep at night, but when the diagnosis is confirmed – feel free to go to inpatient treatment.

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