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These symptoms may indicate problems with the nervous system

Эти симптомы могут указывать на проблемы с нервной системойWhat signals the body to talk about problems with the nervous system.

Many medical luminaries from different fields agree that the cause of many diseases is the psycho-emotional state of man, his stress and cheerfulness – these qualities help to build or turn on the protective functions in the body.

So before you start swallowing handfuls of expensive and not always harmless pills, is to begin to listen to your body, because it gives us clues.Pain in the body can indicate problems with the nervous system is known for a long time. So, frequent headaches are a sign of constant stress in daily life. Should let yourself relax and have a good rest and the pain will go away. Also it would be nice to take a walk in the woods or Park, quietly read a favorite book, and it is possible to escape to the gym – all it will not hurt and your body will rush to thank you a good health. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Pain in the neck shows that you have problems with the old accumulated grievances. We have to admit that we are all imperfect and each of us has the right to be wrong. Goodbye – concealed resentment destroying you from within.

Pain in the shoulders indicate that you are carrying on your shoulders a heavy emotional burden. You should try to lose this weight — does it make sense to wear them on their shoulders?

Pain in the upper back is a signal that you need more emotional support. This is the feeling that you don’t love and understand. Try to talk with family, friends or make new acquaintances.

Pain in the lower back is evidence that you are too concerned. Do not strain and do not worry thinking about the future. Trust in fate, guardian angel. Understand – not everything depends on us. So is it worth to torment yourself when you can’t affect the circumstances, the more they count.
Learn to live in the here and now, enjoying the moment.

Pain in hands — this means that it’s time to change your life. When your hands are often numb, so your life has stopped and you are frozen in development. Worth to venture out and make a decision that you kept putting off. Believe — you have more power than you think!

The pain in his hands speaks to your complete isolation from the others. Worth a little bit to open up, to give a chance to others to know you. This search for new contacts and associates. And you can call an old, proven friends. Loneliness for a person was self-destructive and undesirable.

Foot pain is a signal that you have fears. You are afraid to make the first move. But it must be addressed. Let it be small, but still moving forward. And you will succeed!

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