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These symptoms may indicate heart problems

Эти симптомы могут указывать на проблемы с сердцемListen to your body.

The heart is functional vital organ in our body due to which a multitude of important functions. In the normal human heart should not be. Cardiac pathology may be caused by a variety of reasons, health-related and external factors. Malfunctions of the heart may occur unbeknownst to the person for a long time to manifest. The body sends cues if something in organs is wrong. The main signs that you need to pay attention and to address to the cardiologist listed below.

If your loved ones say during sleep you do pause for awhile and breathe, it is a sign of sleep apnea, which occurs because of heart problems. Frequent apnea accompanied by oxygen deficiency, which should saturate our brain. When a delay or deficit, there was a failure in the body, the most difficult part is tissue hypoxia, and impaired hematopoiesis, which could aggravate even more the heart.

Dizziness and weakness can be symptoms of many pathologies, but if these General symptoms are accompanied by shortness of breath and sudden change in health, such a state is observed with arrhythmias or is “a precursor” of the attack.

Rash on hands and feet in the joints, is characterized by yellow — orange pigment. This indicates a deposition in the joints of cholesterol that is a risk factor for the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, namely stroke.

To increase the amount of cholesterol indicates the appearance of the skin vascular mesh, as a sign of blockage of blood vessels of small caliber. When heart disease and blockage of blood vessels are observed in changes of skin color appears bluish-gray tint.

For training hand strength athletes use rubber ring, calculated on the weight of compression. If compression of such a ring there is an unpleasant feeling and after exercise there is a weakness and immobility of the hand, or squeeze the ring does not work at all, maybe there are problems with the heart.

Noticed bruising in the form of spots under the nails, but can not relate it to trauma or injury? In this case, preferably as soon as possible to pass tests on sugar because it may be the external manifestation of diabetes. Also the nail bruises indicate infection of the heart tissues, namely endocarditis. Such hematomas can also be on the feet.

High blood pressure can be a problem in bed, again due to insufficient blood supply and blood bodies. In women, it manifests itself in the lack of desire of intimacy and even a complete frigidity, in men, erectile function disruption.

You should not ignore the bleeding that occurs after brushing or pressing on the gums. If visual gums look puffy and the slightest pressure bleeding is a serious reason to go to the doctor because of problems with the gums indicate cardiovascular disease. Loss of teeth with gingivitis and periodontitis increase the risk of stroke. Bacterial microflora of the oral cavity, localized in the gums in such diseases may the blood to circulate in the body and provoke an inflammatory reaction from the heart.

When violations of blood circulation and fluid retention there is swelling, especially noticeable in the lower extremities. Delay of the blood flow may be due to the formation of clots (thrombus) that prevents the outflow of blood from the extremities to the heart.

The presence of these symptoms and signs is to immediately cause to be surveyed. In any case, you cannot ignore the health problems, because according to who statistics, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death.

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